Best Greens Powder Australia 2021

Best Greens Powder Australia 2021

Greens powder supplements offer an all-in-one solution to boost your intake of the essential vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. They are increasingly popular with athletes and fitness professionals who are concerned they are not eating enough fruits and veggies to meet their nutritional requirements.

To maximise their effect, greens powder formulas typically contain ‘superfood’ plant ingredients, such as kale, matcha, and spirulina. The natural chemicals (phytonutrients) contained in these plants have an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, which is essential for supporting the ‘second brain’ in your gut, and improving your digestive function and immune system.

These nutrients may also enhance intercellular communication, detoxify carcinogens, and repair DNA damage caused by toxins – pretty impressive! Glucosinolates, which are found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and bok choy, are one of the best phytonutrients for improving metabolic function and reducing inflammation.

The potential positive effects of the ingredients found in green powders are numerous. For a more in-depth look at the possible health benefits, check out our article here. At Fit Nutrition, we stock a wide range of greens powder, which can be dissolved in water, added to smoothies, or sprinkled on meals, to assist you on your health and fitness journey.

If you’re not sure where to start, read on for our selection of the best greens powder Australia has to offer in 2021.

Best Greens Powder Australia 2021

1. Greens Gut Health and Immunity




This vegan-friendly formula by White Wolf Nutrition has to be some of the best daily greens powder on the market. The blend of whole foods is designed specifically to help your gut and immune function. Included in the extensive ingredients list are organic barley grass, spirulina, broccoli, spinach, and blueberry.

There is banana starch in the formula, to help control blood sugar levels. It also contains prebiotics and probiotics to repair the gut, anti-inflammatory enzymes, and essential oils that provide anti-microbial support – such as thyme, oregano and peppermint. All of this can improve your gut health and nutrient absorption, and reduce bloating, making you feel better throughout the day.

Choose from 5 delicious flavours, including Chocolate Malt, Berry Burst, and Mango Pineapple – no grassy taste here. Take 1 scoop first thing in the morning, in either water or a smoothie.

2. Green Boost


One of the best organic superfood greens powders, Green Boost by Formula Health is here to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet and provide that much-needed energy boost before a workout, in an ethical way. Better yet, it does all this for a comparatively affordable price.

The keto and vegan-friendly formula contains a blend of grasses, spirulina, chlorella, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. There are also probiotics and digestive enzymes, to improve your gut health, and ingredients such as cinnamon and turmeric powder, to reduce inflammation.

Formula Health is an Australian Certified Organic company that specialises in 100% natural, ethically-sourced plant-based formulas. They are passionate about choosing the best ingredients for their supplements, whilst being mindful of the planet.

This one certainly ticks all the boxes! The only thing missing is choice of flavours; if you value this highly, it might not be the best greens powder for you. It’s only available in one option – pineapple – which is achieved through natural flavouring and organic stevia.


3. Vitality Switch




Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition makes some bold claims; one serving of its supplement is equivalent to 7 – 8 servings of vegetables. Whilst even the best greens powder should never replace vegetables in your diet, it’s certainly easy to see how taking this powder daily can seriously boost your vitamin and mineral intake, supporting your overall health.

The formula contains a total of 5 carefully-balanced blends, including ‘gut and vegan collagen boosting’, ‘organic mushroom’, and ‘digestive enzyme’. It’s hard to beat this greens powder for the sheer volume of health-boosting ingredients.

There are many more flavour options on offer here, from Cucumber Lime to Matcha Mint – however, it’s only the Strawberry Kiwi flavour that’s vegan. It is recommended to mix 1 scoop into 250-350ml of water, and you can take up to 3 servings a day.

4. Ghost Greens




In keeping with the awesome label, Ghost Greens tastes as good as it looks. It also delivers on health benefits, containing 19 individually sourced ‘red and green’ ingredients, aka. fruits, as well as veggies.

Greens packed into the formula include organic cracked cell wall chlorella, matcha, spirulina, kale and wheatgrass. There’s also 100mg of prebiotics, and 10 billion CFU probiotics, to boost digestion, immunity and gut health.

The addition of red fruits such as camu camu and organic goji berry does push up the price of this greens powder, and it’s one of the pricier ones in our selection – but it’s worth it. This is the only greens powder on our list that contains fruits as well as vegetables, so you’re getting an even greater variety of nutrients.

As well as the Original flavour, Ghost Greens also comes in Lime, Guava Berry and Iced Tea Lemonade, so it’s tropical holiday vibes all the way.

5. Good Green Vitality




Good Green Vitality is the new and improved version of Nuzest’s Good Green Stuff and has been expertly formulated to provide nutritional support in our modern world.

This greens powder boasts an impressive 75 premium ingredients, including 24 vitamins and minerals designed to improve your cognition and energy. The 8 billion CFU probiotics will also help support your digestive and immune systems.

The formula is vegan-friendly, free from artificial ingredients, and suitable for all ages, from 4 years and up – so it’s also some of the best greens powder Australia has for younger users. There are no flavour options and it’s all very natural, making it perfect for those who don’t like the taste of flavoured greens.

So, there we have it; our round-up of the best greens powder in Australia. If you’re still not sure about these nutrient-packed supplements, check out this article for a more detailed explanation of why you might want to introduce greens powder into your life. Or, read on for our answers to common greens powder questions below.


What is the best greens powder?

We think the Greens Gut Health and Immunity formula by White Wolf Nutrition is some of the best daily greens powder on the market. It contains an excellent balance of superfood ingredients, it’s reasonably priced, and it’s suitable for vegans, so everyone can try it. Take it first thing in the morning, with a glass of water or smoothie.

What is the best super greens powder for weight loss?

Vitality Switch might be the best greens powder for weight loss on our list, as it contains the lowest calories per 100g. However, super greens powders are designed to boost your nutritional intake and gut health, alongside a healthy diet. You should not use them as a replacement for real food.

What is the best organic green superfood powder?

We believe the best organic green superfood powder is Green Boost Organic Greens by Formula Health. Its ACO-certified organic formula consists of a blend of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, to improve your health as naturally as possible. It contains the equivalent anti-oxidants of 10 vegetables, in a single serving.

Can greens powder counteract a poor diet?

Although the benefits of greens powders are much proclaimed, supplements should not be used in place of a well-balanced diet. You should aim to eat a whole foods diet full of fruits, vegetables, and other vitamin-rich foods, to ensure you’re meeting all of your nutritional needs.

Greens powder should only be used in combination with this, and you should be careful not to take too much, as consuming excessive amounts of some nutrients can pose its own health risks.