10 Benefits of Green Superfood Powders

Are Green Superfood Powders Good For You?



Before buying any green superfood powder, making sure you get enough vitamins and minerals through real food is important. This means having a healthy diet is essential and consuming a range of healthy and nutritious foods.

Sometimes however, it may seem impossible to get all the micronutrients you need through diet alone. Especially if you’re training hard or dieting. Superfood powders not only provide and easy way to get this nutrition, but a range of other health benefits.

The main benefits of green powders are:

1. They can provide an array of vitamins and minerals

Most superfood powders combine a range of ingredients which often have a high nutritional profile. Generally, marine sea-based powders like spirulina, are high in protein and minerals such as calcium and iron. Vegetable, fruit, seed & other food powders are packed full of vitamins and minerals which are in high concentration. This makes having a green powder a great time save and way to support your diet.


2. Super powders also contain a ton of antioxidants & polyphenols

Aside from vitamins and minerals, a good supplement contains ingredients that are high in polyphenols and have antioxidant properties. These compounds provide a great support for the body’s immune system and overall health. Not only that, but antioxidants and polyphenols reduce oxidative damage in the body that can promote a healthy heart, lower blood pressure, blood glucose control and a lower cholesterol.

3. They are concentrated

Getting good nutrition through real food is essential but it would take a huge amount of certain foods to get all the nutrition that a superfood powder might provide. This is because these supplements are highly concentrated, which means you can get a large amount of nutrients in just a teaspoon.

4. They are a good source of fibre

Asides from providing lots of micronutrients, the ingredients in super powders give them a high fibre content. Most people struggle to get fibre in their diet, so having a supplement is a great way to meet the body’s demand. Fibre is recommended for many reasons and its benefits include blood sugar control, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, aiding digestion and helping support weight loss/appetite control.

5. They can improve energy levels

By providing a good source of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and vitamin B, these supplements can support energy levels. Not only that, but ingredients such as green tea extract can also provide a natural source of caffeine to delay the onset of tiredness and fatigue.

6. They can support your immune system

A lack of nutrition can leave our body stripped and our immune system vulnerable. But by ensuring you get a large and bioavailable dose of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals you can assist and aid your immune system function.

7. They are alkalising

Greens are specifically known for being alkalising in the body. Although this does not change blood pH (contradictory to popular belief), it can aid the digestive process in the stomach and gut.

8. They can aid digestion

By being alkalising and providing a good source of fibre green supplements can aid your digestion and bowel movements. Not only that, but some high-quality greens products on the market like Green Boost, contain pre and probiotics. Prebiotics like inulin is a type of fibre that nourishes and feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Live probiotics can help increase the level of friendly bacteria in your gut and aid digestion, which can relieve symptoms of IBS. Not only that, but many green powders have the addition digestive enzymes for further digestive support.

9. They may help regulate blood sugar levels

Asides from fibre, many individual ingredients like spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella have been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. This can help lower the risk of diabetes, help control hunger levels and regulate energy.

10. They are super convenient and versatile

If getting all the nutritional bang for your buck wasn’t enough, the convenience of these supplements is sure to win persuade you. Because the powders are concentrated you only need a small teaspoon in most cases. This means these powdered products can be easily added to shakes, juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls and even just in water. They are quick and easy to consume and can become a great addition to your daily routine.



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