Collagen Protein


Need collagen protein? We’ve got you covered at Fit Nutrition with a range of collagen protein products that can support your skin, muscles, bones and connective tissue.

First, let’s have a recap of what collagen protein is:

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, with a fibre-esque structure that is used to create connective tissue. This tissue is a major component of bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage that can help make your tissues strong and resilient.

Stocking only the most effective formulas, ATP Science 100% NOWAY HCP Protein is gluten & dairy-free, providing a great source of protein from the most abundant form of protein in your body: collagen. Switch Nutrition has created a clean, hydrolysed Collagen Switch that contains type I, II & III collagen, vitamin C, and digestive enzymes to help enhance absorption.

Banter’s Whey + Collagen is an all-natural, clean blend that uses only 4 ingredients: whey protein from grass-fed New Zealand cows, hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides, stevia and vanilla or cacao. With no added sugar, preservatives, gluten, GMOs or fillers, this formula can help you improve your training, recovery and lifestyle while supporting your skin, hair and nail health.

Still stuck? Our knowledgeable team at Fit Nutrition can help you find the best products to suit your health goals. Just head in-store or chat with us online to get started.

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