The Best Post-Workout Supplements in 2023

The Best Post-Workout Supplements in 2023

There’s no feeling like finishing up at the gym after a massive workout. You feel accomplished, energised, and maybe a little sweaty. But what some may not realise is that what you fuel yourself with after a workout is just as important as the workout itself (if not more in some cases). Eating a well-balanced meal with protein, carbs, and healthy fats helps your body repair and rebuild those muscles you just worked so hard on.

But that’s not the only thing you need to consider: Supplementation.

Are you taking a protein shake after a workout? Whether it's protein, creatine, amino acids or other recovery supplements, giving your body the nutrients it needs to replenish and refuel can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals. So fuel up and feel the benefits both physically and mentally.

What Should I Take After a Workout?

So you've just finished an intense workout and know you need to refuel your body with something good. But the question is, what? Questions like, ‘should you have protein before or after a workout’, ‘how soon should you consume protein after workout’ or ‘when to take creatine’ can be confusing and frankly, overwhelming - especially when there is so much advice out there on the internet. 

But, fear not because we've got you covered - after all, we wouldn’t be here after 21 years if we didn’t know a thing or two (not to brag). When it comes to post-workout supplements, there are a few options that stand out. 

Firstly, protein powders and protein shakes are a great way to fuel yourself with a source of protein that helps to relieve sore muscles after a workout. Secondly, creatine can help to improve performance and muscle mass. And finally, BCAA's or branched-chain amino acids can aid in muscle recovery and reduce muscle fatigue. Of course, the best thing to do is find what works best for you and your body. Let’s take a deeper look at the best supplements for post-workout recovery.

Protein Powder

When you’ve smashed another session at the gym, the aftermath of soreness has set in, and you're struggling to move like a normal person, protein powder can save the day (and your muscles). Protein is essential for muscle recovery, and after a workout, our bodies crave that muscle-building magic. Protein powder gives you a quick and convenient way to get the necessary nutrients your muscles need to repair and grow. Plus, it's easy to mix protein shake after a workout into a delicious smoothie to help you refuel and get back to your best.

Evolve Reload

Reload is a foolproof post-workout protein powder designed to enhance muscle recovery and support optimal performance. It is formulated with a rapid-absorbing protein blend, including hydrolysed WPI, which aids in reducing muscle protein breakdown and promoting muscle repair. The addition of creatine and L-glutamine further supports strength and endurance, while BCAAs/EAAs contribute to muscle growth and volumisation.

One of the key benefits of Reload is its ability to replenish glycogen levels and provide the necessary fuel for your muscles. After an intense training session, your body needs to restore glycogen stores and repair muscle protein breakdown. The rapid carbohydrate blend in Reload helps facilitate this process, ensuring efficient recovery and fueling the ability to train hard and consistently.

With its comprehensive and well-engineered formula, Reload offers the muscle recovery benefits you need to support your fitness journey.

Muscle Nation Casein Custard

Muscle Nation Custard Casein is a high-protein, low-calorie formula that offers numerous benefits for muscle recovery. With over 23g of slow-digesting casein protein, this product helps you feel fuller for longer and nourishes your muscles over an extended period. It supports muscle growth with its high protein content, while its low amounts of carbohydrates and fat make it ideal for curbing your appetite.

In addition to its muscle-nourishing properties, Muscle Nation Custard Casein also contains Glutamine, which supports immune system function and gut health. By fighting against muscle breakdown, this formula helps protect and maintain your hard-earned muscles. With the added bonus of 3g of fibre, it also promotes satiation, supports gut health, stabilises blood sugar levels, and reduces cravings.

Rule 1 Whey Blend

If you’re looking for the best protein powder to consume immediately after a workout, this is it. Rule 1 Whey Blend is a top-notch protein option designed for all athletes and training enthusiasts. With its high protein content of 24g per serving and natural abundance of BCAAs and Glutamine, this 100% pure Whey blend may support muscle recovery and endurance. 

Engineered to aid in muscle recovery, Rule 1 Whey Blend can help you achieve your fitness goals and optimise your performance. Its carefully crafted formula is manufactured with 100% Whey Protein, delivering essential nutrients that promote effective muscle recovery and repair. Additionally, this protein blend is low in lactose, ensuring easy digestion for your body.

Macro Mike Plant Protein

If you’re following a plant-based diet, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you.

Macro Mike's Premium Almond Protein is a vegan-friendly option, carefully crafted to support muscle recovery and overall well-being. This protein blend combines 100% natural Californian Almond protein with Australian-grown Faba Bean protein. With over 23g of plant-based protein per serve, along with essential gut-loving probiotics and a B vitamin complex, this protein powder provides the necessary nutrients for nutrient recovery. 

Australian-made and bursting with flavour, Macro Mike's Premium Almond Protein helps promote muscle recovery after workouts. It offers a smooth and creamy texture without compromising on quality or calories. With its range of delicious flavours, including Vanilla Buttercream, Iced Mocha Latte, Banana Cream Pie, Deluxe Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Choc Honeycomb, Choc Hazelnut, and Berry White Choc, Macro Mike's Premium Almond Protein allows you to create enjoyable protein smoothies or milkshakes to support your body's recovery needs.

Amino Acids

Amino acids might just be the secret weapon you need to bounce back quicker after an excruciating gym session. These building blocks of protein play a key role in repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue after exercise. When you work out, your muscles become fatigued and tiny tears occur in the fibres. By consuming amino acids post-workout, you're helping to replenish the amino acids that were broken down during exercise and stimulate the muscle recovery process. Further, if you’re finding yourself googling ‘how to relieve sore muscles after workout’ then you’ll likely find amino acids are one of the top suggestions on every search result.

Macro Mike All-Natural Plant Aminos

Looking for a vegan-friendly option? Let’s start with one.

Macro Mike presents the All Natural Plant Aminos, a carefully crafted formula for plant lovers. This remarkable blend of essential and non-essential amino acids is free from any animal by-products and provides vital nutrients to aid in muscle recovery and repair. Boost your gym performance with the power of nature.

These plant-derived aminos are naturally flavoured and sweetened, providing a delicious taste without any chemical aftertaste that is often associated with stevia. By incorporating the All Natural Plant Aminos into your routine, you can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after your workouts, allowing you to bounce back faster and continue pushing towards your fitness goals.

Amino Switch

Introducing Amino Switch by Switch Nutrition, an exceptional vegan-friendly blend of essential amino acids. This powerful formula aids in reducing recovery time and minimising delayed onset muscle soreness while simultaneously enhancing energy levels during training. 

Amino Switch boasts high absorbability, ensuring that the amino acids swiftly enter your system to initiate rapid action. Additionally, this remarkable supplement contains electrolytes and vitamins to support optimal rehydration. Amino Switch is the top-choice solution for assisting in muscle recovery and boosting energy during training. 

With its vegan-friendly composition, absence of artificial ingredients, keto-friendly formulation, and gluten and dairy-free features, Amino Switch provides unparalleled benefits for muscle recovery.

Damage Control

The cutting-edge recovery formula by Evolve Nutrition combines a game-changing advanced peptide formulation made up of BCAAs, EAAs, and PeptoPro. This powerful blend, consisting of all 20 amino acids, supports recovery, enhances physical performance, and aids in muscle-protein synthesis. 

With its anti-catabolic properties, Evolve Damage Control is easily absorbed by the body in the form of di and tri-peptides, ensuring rapid absorption and providing the necessary support for muscle recovery. Supported by over 100 years of scientific research, this formula delivers amino acids directly to the muscles, potentially accelerating muscle protein synthesis and supporting effective muscle recovery.

Amino Corps

Amino Corps by RCN Nutrition is a scientifically formulated recovery supplement designed to enhance your muscle recovery. With its advanced EAA/BCAA Complex enriched with an array of essential minerals, this recovery matrix optimises muscle protein synthesis, promotes muscle growth, increases strength, and accelerates recovery. It also aids in reducing cortisol levels, enhancing endurance, and improving the rate of muscle recovery. 

Loaded with electrolytes and minerals, Amino Corps supports hydration, nerve function, muscle contraction, and nutrient uptake for faster recovery. Furthermore, the inclusion of AstraGin™ in this formula leads to improved absorption of amino acids by up to 43%, increased ATP levels by up to 18%, and enhanced insulin sensitivity by up to 38%.


Carbs tend to get a bad rep, but trust us; they’re crucial when it comes to recovery. When we exercise, our muscles use up stored glycogen (a type of carb) for energy. By consuming carbs post-workout, we replenish our glycogen stores and help our muscles recover faster.

International Protein Extreme Carbs

Extreme Carbs by International Protein offers a unique formulation designed to support muscle recovery and replenish glycogen stores post-workout. With its fast and effective carbohydrate absorption, Extreme Carbs assists in reducing muscle breakdown, promoting muscular endurance, and supporting the body's own recovery systems. By providing energy-rich carbohydrates, it enables the body to naturally enhance growth while facilitating the replenishment of glycogen stores in muscles, which plays a crucial role in recovery and muscle-building.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs

Pure Carbs by Gen-Tec is a product that aims to assist in glycogen replenishment within the muscles, enhancing recovery and supporting muscle development and growth. It facilitates driving nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells, optimising the recovery process. Moreover, Pure Carbs can be used as a carbohydrate supplement by athletes looking to improve muscle recovery and achieve weight or muscle gain goals. With its focus on muscle recovery benefits, Pure Carbs by Gen-Tec becomes an effective ally for those seeking improved performance and overall muscle health.

Evolve Incredible Carbs

Evolve Nutrition's Incredible Carbs is a specially formulated product designed to support optimal muscle recovery. It provides rapid glycogen replenishment, helping to refuel depleted glycogen stores after intense exercise or training. By delivering a concentrated source of high glycemic glucose polymers, this easily digestible carbohydrate formula offers the energy needed to replenish and nourish tired muscles.

Incredible Carbs works hand in hand with Whey Protein to raise insulin levels, resulting in a more sustained release of nutrients to support muscle recovery. It aids in the rapid replenishment of glycogen levels during or after heavy exercise, supporting the body's ability to bounce back quickly. Additionally, when used for "carb loading," this product helps muscles look fuller and more defined, thanks to its unique properties.

Carbohydrates by Switch Nutrition

Carbs play a crucial role in providing energy to skeletal muscles, making them an essential nutrient for individuals with a fast metabolism, those who aim to gain muscle or weight, and physically active individuals who need to supplement their carb intake for energy and endurance during training.

The Glycemic Index (GI) rates carbs based on how quickly they are absorbed into the bloodstream, with higher GI carbs being absorbed faster. It is recommended to consume lower GI carbs throughout the day and opt for faster-acting carbs around training sessions to support muscle recovery and stimulate muscle-growing hormones. With its focus on fast absorption and action, the Carbs product by Switch Nutrition is designed to fuel your workout, promote optimal recovery, and contribute to muscle growth.


If you're someone who hits the gym regularly, you might want to look into adding some creatine to your routine. Creatine powder may just be the extra boost your muscles need to recover faster after a tough workout. Creatine powder works by giving your body the energy it needs to rebuild muscle tissue after a workout, which can help you feel less sore, reduce muscle fatigue and more ready to take on your next sweat session.

Evolve Creatine RX

Evolve Creatine RX by Evolve Nutrition features a premium formula designed to support muscle recovery, workout performance, and overall fitness results. It contains the safest and most extensively researched Creatine Monohydrate, along with patented ingredients like GlycerSize™ and AstraGin®. 

This advanced creatine formula is suitable for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels and training types, even young athletes and those in drug-tested sports. It helps promote muscle fibre size and mass, supports strength, power, and sprint performance, and aids in recovery from endurance training.

With Evolve Creatine RX, you can enjoy the benefits of cell volumisation and experience enhanced workout performance. It is conveniently available in various delicious flavours and can be enjoyed as a standalone drink or mixed with juice for optimal taste.

ATP Science Creatine Monohydrate

ATP Science offers a premium Creatine product, utilising the highest recognised standard of Creatine with CreaPure, which is formulated and manufactured in Germany. Our Creatine Monohydrate contains no impurities, trace elements, or contaminated ingredients, ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to enhancing your performance. 

By consuming 5g of our Creatine Monohydrate daily, studies have shown that it can saturate intramuscular Phosphocreatine stores, leading to increased Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production. This boost in ATP production can aid in improving strength, power, and high-intensity performance, ultimately helping you reach your training goals. Additionally, our Creatine Monohydrate can contribute to muscle recovery benefits, maximising your performance and aiding in your overall recovery.

Switch Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

Switch Nutrition's 100% Micronised Creatine Monohydrate offers a range of advantages. With its unflavoured formula, it seamlessly pairs with your preferred pre-workouts or protein powders. By incorporating this creatine, you can potentially boost your strength, speed, power, and recovery while also supporting muscle growth.

Additionally, the product is suitable for various dietary preferences, as it is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and lactose-free. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing ensures that you receive a top-quality creatine monohydrate that aids in muscle recovery.

Optimum Nutrition Micronised Creatine

Micronised creatine powder by Optimum Nutrition is a top-quality product designed to aid in exercise intensity and power output during intense workouts. It has been shown to enhance the effect of resistance training and improve muscle strength. 

Additionally, this creatine supplement can play a crucial role in muscle recovery, replenishing and increasing the body's natural supply and stores of energy. With a purity level of 99.9%, this product is suitable for individuals striving to achieve optimal physical performance and looking to reap the benefits of improved muscle recovery after vigorous exercise.

The Rundown

When it comes to muscle recovery after a workout, supplements can be a game-changer. With the right ingredients, these powerhouse formulas can speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and even help prevent the gravity of soreness altogether. It’s important to remember that they're not a magic cure. Good nutrition, rest, and a solid exercise routine are still essential for healthy muscle growth and recovery.

If you need help finding the best supplements for post-workout recovery, our team at FIT Nutrition has you sorted. Head in-store or reach out online for more help.