5 Sporty Accessories To Elevate Any Outfit

5 Sporty Accessories To Elevate Any Outfit

Go from workout to casual wear in an instant with these stylish, fit-inspired accessories

The rise of the sport luxe look means that sports gear can now transition seamlessly from the gym floor to street wear cool. Instantly elevate any outfit, whether it’s for a workout or play date, with these 6 key sporty accessories to have in your wardrobe.

Nice kicks

If you don’t own a pair of cool sports inspired shoes, you better find some faster than you can say “Air Jordan”. From simple white sneakers to fancy Nikes, sporty footwear is your ticket to instant street cred.  



The Fitbit may be a very useful tracker for your fitness lifestyle, but it also happens to look pretty sleek. Coincidence? We think not. This high tech gadget was made for sport luxe accessorising! 


Duffle bag  

Whether you’re working out or going on a weekend adventure, a stylish duffle bag is your go-to accessory that is both practical and looks good. Easily cart everything you need around, while evoking that “just threw this over my shoulder” kind of cool. 


Peaked cap 

Kill two birds with one stone and don a baseball cap or visor to protect yourself from the sun, whilst adding a quintessential touch of gym gangster or tennis pro to your look. 


Statement headphones  

Have you noticed that every cool rapper wears awesome headphones? Dr. Dre has even released his own funky line. If it’s an ear muffler style, colourful, chunky, carrying bling or all of the above, you need it now. For listening to music during your workout, on your bus ride, or just to have them hanging around your neck; it matters not.  


Colourful crops 

Ladies, colourful sports crops and bras, whether block or patterned, are your friend. Wear them during your workout and match to your runners, or take them off-track under a classic scooped-sleeve, white singlet. Bingo!