Nutrition Tips From A Model

Nutrition Tips From A Model

How international model Cassie Matthews nourishes her body


Have you ever wondered what tips and tricks models use to keep fit and healthy so they look their best? International model and FIT ambassador Cassie Matthews has shared her nutrition secrets with FIT to feel great and stay photo shoot ready. 


Adopt the right mindset  

It’s definitely not about starving yourself to be thin, but about looking after your body with good food and exercise.   


“I think the modeling industry is changing and supermodels of today are fit, healthy and take care of themselves. It's important to me that I am healthy as then I can look and feel my best, and have a long career,” says Cassie.


Instead of focusing your food choices on being “thin”, focus on eating to be healthy. When you focus on this you’ll already be on your way to your best body, sans negative mindset. 


Don’t diet 

Ditch the ‘D’ word for good!  “I don't diet,” says Cassie, “I think about how I can nourish my body rather than deprive it. I think about what I eat and how it can benefit me.”  


Diets actually set you up for failure because they are seen as something temporary and restrictive, so it’s much better to adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This will yield results in the long run and be enjoyable. Healthy eating is delicious and fun! 


Eat real food 

Choose to eat 'real' food, which is food without artificial preservatives, additives, colours or sweeteners. "I try to eat organic when I can, and food shop with the philosophy that I avoid most food with a long ingredient list. Real food doesn't have ingredients, real food is the ingredients," says Cassie. 


Develop healthy habits  

Incorporate great nutrition practices into your lifestyle until they become habits, such as starting each day with warm water and lemon. Cassie does this along with a probiotic supplement upon rising to kick-start her metabolism, cleanse her system and maintain balance in the digestive system. Fusion Probiotic 8 is her go-to, which is available in store at FIT. 


Prioritise the gut 

The gut is arguably the most important part of the body to take care of for good skin and a healthy weight. Make taking care of it a priority by consuming plenty of fermented foods. Cassie loves adding kimchi and sauerkraut to her meals to support digestion and beneficial bacteria in the gut. 


Enjoy eating out and cooking at home 

Find the right balance between eating meals out, which can be a fun social activity, and cooking your own meals, so you know they only contain clean ingredients. 


“I enjoy eating out, but I also like to cook at home as I know exactly what's in my food. I'm loving James Duigan's 'Clean & Lean' cookbook at the moment!” 


Know your go-to meals 

Having some easy and healthy meals as your regulars will help you stay on track and in the groove. Cassie's favourite options for lunch are salad with some sort of protein or sashimi with miso and seaweed salad, or paleo bread with avocado, tomato & smoked salmon. 


Load up on skin food 

What you eat shows on your skin, which is the body’s largest organ. This can really work in your favour if you choose the right foods. “I try to eat foods that are really good for my skin, hair and nails. My favourites are fish (especially salmon), avocado, greens, green tea and blueberries.” 


Ditch the crap 

Fill up on so much of the good stuff that there simply isn’t room in your diet for the bad. Say goodbye to processed foods and drinks, especially those full of ingredients you can’t pronounce the name of.  


“I never eat refined sugar or carbs, fast food, fizzy drink,” says Cassie. 


Snack smart  

Snacking is actually many models’ secret weapon because it helps to keep their energy levels stable throughout the day and keeps the metabolism on fire.  


Cassie's go-to snacks are a FIT smoothie, Chief bar (available at FIT) or vegetable crudités with hummus. “My favourite FIT smoothies are Antioxidant, Slim and Green,” says Cassie, “I eat regularly throughout the day, otherwise I get ‘hangry’!” 


Be prepared 

A little bit of food preparation is key to staying on track when you’re busy or travelling for work.  


“I can't always find healthy food when I'm travelling or on a shoot so I make sure I pack or buy healthy snack options, or try to choose the lesser of two evils!” 


Don’t deprive yourself 

If you really want the cake, eat it. It’s about eating for health 80% of the time and allowing the other 20% to indulge and enjoy yourself. This method of balance works for many people, including Cassie. 


“I don't deprive myself, just eat healthy most of the time and indulge a couple of times a week. My weaknesses are definitely coffee, dark chocolate, wine, champagne, Camembert cheese and truffle cheese fries! If you don't allow yourself a treat now and then you'll go crazy.” 


About Cassie Matthews 

Cassie is an international model signed with Ford, Wilhelmina, TWO and Chadwick agencies, as well as being a proud ambassador for FIT.