Fitness Tips From A Model

Fitness Tips From A Model

International model Cassie Matthews shares her secrets 

Being a professional model means it’s important to always be looking and feeling in top condition. From keeping energy levels high to get through long hours of shooting and castings, handling the impacts of frequent travel and keeping a slim and toned body (hello swimwear shoots!), models need to be on their health and fitness game almost all the time.  

FIT chatted to model Cassie Matthews who is no stranger to being the lens or international photo shoots to get the inside scoop on her tried-and-tested tips and tricks. But you don’t need to be a model to benefit from this – anyone can apply these principles to their lifestyle and reap the benefits. Here’s what we learnt: 


You can’t cancel out a poor diet with exercise 

“To be honest it's mostly about diet. I would say it really is 80% diet and only 20% exercise”, says Cassie. You have to nourish your body with the right foods in the right portions, because no amount of exercise can outweigh processed, sugary food choices. These wreak havoc on your body in more ways than just the excessive calories, messing with your blood sugar levels and hormones. 


Move your body daily… but don’t overdo it  

Cassie recommends being active every day, without pushing yourself past the point of benefit. “I try to do some form of exercise every day, even if it's a walk or 20 minute HIIT season in the gym. I take care to not over exercise and listen to my body. If I'm run down or too tired, I have a rest day or just do light exercise.”  

When she’s at home in Sydney, Cassie’s routine usually involves walking in the park nearby her apartment most mornings and using the gym a few times a week. 


Mix up your workouts  

In addition to walking and using the gym, Cassie likes to incorporate a variety of other exercise to keep it fun, her favourites being boxing and reformer Pilates. 

“I do boxing twice a week with trainer Nikki Snow. Boxing is lots of fun and a great workout. If that doesn't get you fit then I don't know what will! I also do reformer Pilates at KX Pilates Bondi Junction once or twice a week. It’s really challenging and excellent for toning and elongating the body for that slim, long and lean “model” look.” 

Other exercises Cassie loves are beach volleyball, coastal walks and indoor rock climbing. “I love trying new things - it's good to mix it up!” she says. 


Replenish your body 

Getting the right nutrition into your body following exercise is key. “I make sure I always have a post-workout smoothie to replenish my body after a workout. My favorite is the 'Slim' from FIT.” This kind of smoothie is perfect for staying lean, with a blend of vegan protein, coconut water, raspberries, cacao, cinnamon and Acetyl L-Carnitine. 


Take your fitness routine with you when you travel  

Frequent travel on a model’s schedule is no excuse to abandon a fitness routine!   

“When I'm travelling, I always find a way to stay fit, whether that's a hotel room workout, using the hotel gym, or finding local Pilates or yoga studios”, says Cassie. It’s also a great way to experience the unique fitness culture and studios of new cities. “When I'm in LA, I love Pilates Platinum, Equinox gym or going for hikes. In NYC, Modelfit with Justin Gelband is amazing, and I do lots of walking. In London I got into boot camp training in Hyde Park!” 


Cassie Matthews is an international model signed with Ford, Wilhelmina, TWO and Chadwick agencies, as well as being a proud ambassador for FIT.