Why Skipping Is One Of The Most Effective Exercises

6 Reasons Why Skipping is Good For You

6 Reasons to jump rope

The humble skipping rope packs a serious punch when it comes to providing an effective workout and results that follow. Here are 6 reasons you need to start jumping rope as part of your fitness regime. 


It’s a full body workout 

Skipping is truly a total body workout from the one activity. “It activates most of the muscles in the body,” says Professor Robert Newton, foundation professor of exercise and sports science at Edith Cowan University. 


It’s virtually free 

After the cost of the rope, skipping is a free exercise. Many gyms have skipping ropes available too, so if you’re a member already, trying it out might not cost you a thing.  


You burn more calories in a short time 

Skipping uses more energy that walking, swimming, jogging or cycling because you have to lift your whole body off the ground with every skip. This results in a high kilojoule burn per minute. 


According to Body and Soul, for a 50kg person, who exercises for 30 minutes, skipping uses about 314 cals. Compare this to jogging at 8km/hour which burns 204 cals, walking at 6km/hour which uses 110 cals, cycling at 15km/hour which burns 138 cals, or swimming 25 metres/minute which uses 132 cals. You can see why skipping is a superior choice, especially if your goal is calorie burn or weight loss. 


It suppresses the appetite 

Researchers in Japan have found that skipping can help to suppress your appetite. The recent study carried out at a university revealed that levels of hunger hormones, such as ghrelin, were noticeably lowered in the group who did three 10-minute burst of skipping, compared to a group that cycled for the same duration and didn’t experience the same appetite suppressing effects as the skippers.  


Increase bone health 

Skipping can improve bone density and therefore help prevent osteoporosis and improve overall bone strength and health. The skipping movement places repeat force on the bones as you impact the ground, which in turn stimulates bone growth and reduces the rate of bone loss. 


Great for balance 

Skipping engages the core of the body and strengths the muscles, which is great for your balance. The body also has to constantly adapt with each skip, using mind and body co-ordination to further improve balance as you go.