Top 5 Breakfast Foods To Include In Your Morning Routine

Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Say goodbye to the mid morning munchies! 


The next time you’re rushing out the door in the AM with an empty belly, remember this..  Skipping that all important meal to break-the-fast can have dire effects on your appetite later in the day. We’ve all been there – kale smoothie for breakfast, turkey salad for lunch, 45 chicken nuggets a double bacon burger and a large side of fries for dinner. Sound familiar? Making sure you fill your bod with something nutrient dense in the morning will set you up for success throughout the day. You’ll feel satiated, your brain will actually work and you’ll have the energy to visit the gym you joined on New Year’s Day and are yet to workout in.  


My number one breakfast rule is that your perfect little plate MUST contain both protein and fat. You're about to learn that these two are my favourite members of the macronutrient clan. They both provide a slow and steady release of energy, which keeps you nice and full until lunch rolls around. Complex carbohydrates and fibre are another two very important additions to the breakfast menu and you’re about to find out why.. 


Here’s my top 5 breakfast foods.. 



These bad boys don’t just taste great; they pack a hefty nutritional punch too. You’ve got fibre to keep your digestive system happy, complex carbohydrates to provide a nice big dose of energy, and let’s not forget manganese - the ever important mineral responsible for bone health, skin integrity and blood sugar control. Plus, the humble grain is SUPER versatile! You can make porridge, muffins, pancakes, smoothies, cookies and even bread!



Talk about a perfect little package of protein. At 6g of protein per serve, a couple of eggs accompanied by some avocado and a slice of wholegrain toast makes for an ideal combo that’ll keep the belly full and the taste buds satisfied. Alternatively, their versatility allows for plenty of brekky options like an omelet or frittata. Here's a hot tip - pairing protein and carbohydrate (like eggs and toast) will slow down the process in which the carbohydrates are metabolized, meaning nice stable blood sugars and a slow steady release of energy. Yes please!


Protein Powder

When I say protein powder, I certainly don’t mean you should be spooning it out of the tub for breakfast. What I do mean, is it makes for a sensational breakfast base. Think protein pancakes, smoothies, muffins, heck you can even make protein custard. As you would hope to assume, protein powder provides a nice hefty dose of the macronutrient, which has been found to have a particularly beneficial effect on brain function. This is thanks to the supply of amino acids which act as neurotransmitters and relay messages around the brain. Cool, right?



These babies are definitely a fan fav among the FIT crew. Such an easy way to sneak in some extra fruit and veggies to make sure you’re hitting all those micronutrient RDI’s. Here’s a sneaky tip – frozen zucchini and avocado make a perfect low carb / low sugar smoothie base for those looking to tighten the waistline. Mix the two with a scoop of protein powder, a little bit of milk and viola, you’re set till lunch! Getting your hands on a good quality greens powder is another trick of the trade which makes meeting those requirements a whole lot easier. Not to mention the energy boosting and digestive soothing effects all that chlorophyll will have on your bod.


Chia Seeds

The nutritional profile of these teeny tiny seeds are a whole lot more impressive than their size. Loaded in protein, omega 3’s, vitamins, minerals and fibre; chia really is a one stop nutrient shop. The nifty little seeds are able to absorb 12 times their weight in water - providing a surefire way to prevent dehydration. But their impressive list of credentials doesn’t end there. Soaked in Greek yoghurt, the seeds become gelatinous and make one hell of a pudding. Topped with fruit, nuts and seeds, you’ve got yourself a delicious and equally nutritious breakfast option!