Nutritionist Tips For A Beach Ready Bod

Nutritionist Tips For How to Get a Beach Body


Bikini season is just around the corner. 

Summer’s a comin’ and whether you’re inches away from your bikini body, seeking a last minute strip down or gearing up for a weight loss journey ahead, here are some simple and effective tips and tricks to get your bod beach ready!



Fibre is one of the most underrated tools when it comes to slimming down. Simply because it fills you up without adding lots of extra calories. Think about it – a smoothie is going to do a much better job of filling your tum than a juice containing exactly the same ingredients. Since fibre slows down the digestion process, you’ll feel fuller for longer and those fruit sugars will be absorbed at a much slower rate. Hello stable blood glucose levels and goodbye mid-morning slump! Shoot for 25-35g of fibre per day.



If you’re under the impression that a high protein diet is purely for athletes and body builders, think again! Not only can protein help to build lean muscle and optimize body composition, but it can do a damn fine job of curbing hunger, enhancing satiety and promoting weight loss too. 



Our deep sea pals are high in protein, low in calories, full of essential nutrients and the perfect choice for anyone looking to shed some extra kg’s. Fatty fish like salmon are particularly beneficial as they’re also jam packed with omega-3s which provide a sustained release of energy and help to control appetite. You should be aiming for at least two servings per week.



Spice it up dudes! Herbs and spices are the best way to add flavour to your food minus calories, sugar and sodium – which is essential when you’re trying to shed some extra pounds. Why you ask? Research shows that if you’re not down with the taste of what’s on your plate, you’re a whole lot less likely to stick to your diet, no matter how disciplined you may be.



It turns out the nifty green leaves don’t just have the capacity to energise, revitalise and detoxify - they’ve got the power to shift your fat fighting metabolism into high gear too. This is all thanks to green tea’s potency of metabolism boosting antioxidants. Not so keen on the taste? Give the naturally flavoured green tea sachets a try!



Truth be told, stress can wreak havoc on our eating habits. When you’re under stress, the balance of hormones in the body can change - causing cravings, increased appetite and a predisposition to fat storage. Feeling stressed out? Try walking, yoga, meditation and herbs like kava and ginseng.



Conquering your 3pm choccy cravings can be a tricky feat, so it’s essential to get some fail-safe strategies in place. Get organized by prepping your meals, sticking to an eating schedule, avoiding mindless snacking, steering clear of the chocolate isle and choosing healthy alternatives where possible. Swap out lollies for a bowl of berries, chips for some home-cooked popcorn and ice cream for frozen fruit sorbet. Most importantly, don’t restrict yourself! Deprivation always results in binging and sends you right back to square one!



We all know exercise and diet go hand in hand for weight loss, but as it turns out, your morning workout plays a much bigger role in the grand scheme of things. Exercise has the ability to reduce stress, control the boredom which triggers mindless eating, increase energy, mental clarity and serotonin release; all the while combatting disease and promoting better sleep. Funnily enough, each of these elements have a direct effect on your ability to loose weight. Interesting, right?



Dehydration can cause us to eat more. Our desire to drink water and keep hydrated is particularly weak when compared to our hunger signals, which see us grab food the minute we feel the slightest sensation of hunger. The remedy – Drink a glass of water when you start to feel hungry, wait 15 minutes and see whether its thirst or hunger your body is trying to signify.




Often our struggles to loose weight go far deeper than our poor food choices and lack of exercise to reflect nutrient imbalances within the body. The stresses of modern life make the ability to get all the nutrition our bodies require from food a little tricky. This is where supplements like greens powders, proteins and multivitamins come into play. These nifty little guys take one for the team by proving the body with the extra nutrients it needs to work optimally!