Nutrition Tips The Victoria’s Secret Angels Swear By

Nutrition Tips The Victoria’s Secret Angels Swear By

Get the inside scoop on the health tricks from the models and their trainers

They are famous worldwide for their lean, slim and fit bodies, so you may have wondered what the Victoria’s Secret Angels eat to look this way. FIT have rounded up 6 of the top diet tips from the models and their trainers, which you can benefit from too. Hint: no fad diets in sight here, just good nutrition and dedication.


Portion control is key

Practising portion control is key to achieving a long, toned body. It helps you to avoid overeating unnecessary calories and is better for your digestive system. “Everything starts with nutrition and what you eat," says longtime Angel Adriana Lima, "I really watch my portions.”


Hydrate smartly

"I definitely drink [a lot of] green juices… I also drink lots of warm water in the morning with ginger, cayenne and lemon juice. It's a great way to clean your system,” says Angel Elsa Hosk.

Vanessa Packer founder of ModelFit, frequented by many of the Angels, is also a fan of veggie-heavy green juices, which can contain 36 per cent of your daily recommended potassium and 20 per cent of daily vitamin A, with no fat and 4 grams of protein, and recommends them to the models.


Sugar is out

Refined sugar is a no-go for the Victoria’s Secret Angels. It contains nothing but empty calories and also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels and hormones, as well as accelerating the ageing process and contributing to weight gain.

However, natural sugars in their whole food form, such as those in fruit, are still a healthy part of the models’ diets.


Eat a good breakfast

Packer recommends the classic breakfast of oatmeal to the Angels as it contains plenty of complex carbohydrates and fibre to fill you up for the day, while providing a slow release of energy to fuel intense workouts.

Many of the Angels are also fans of eggs for breakfast. Romee Strijd regularly uploads snaps to her Instagram of her egg breakfast at a variety of healthy New York City cafes, whilst Hosk told reporters that her breakfast on the day of the Victoria’s Secret Runway show was “8 eggs!” Eggs provide protein and a variety of nutrients, making them a healthy morning meal.


Load up on lean protein + veggies

On her nutrition plan leading up to the catwalk show, Martha Hunt said “I've been eating lots of protein and vegetables.” Lean protein provides the building blocks for muscle and helps to keep you full after meals, while high water content vegetables are bursting with nutrients and fibre for healthy digestion, and are naturally low in calories.


Be prepared with healthy snacks

The Angels are often busy and out for large amounts of the day. This means it’s important for them to be prepared with healthy snacks so that they don’t reach for a poor option or go too long without food.

On her go-to healthy snack, Erin Heatherton says, “I enjoy eating fruits.”  Miranda Kerr has also said she likes to carry snacks and regularly has almonds in her bag as a quick and healthy low GI option.


Good fats are your friend

The Victoria’s Secret models are fans of keeping their skin nice with plenty of essential fatty acids in their nutrition plans, which also help with satiety. Salmon, avocado, nuts, good quality oils are Angel favourites!