Are You Leaning Or Building Muscle?

Are You Leaning Or Building Muscle?

This is the question you need to answer and what to do to make progress on your goal


Have you been in a muscle-building phase forever or have you been trying to lose body fat for as far back as you remember? This is the question you should be asking yourself to know the best way to go about making progress.


First point of call is to figure out what phase you should be in. This can be decided very easily with some simple calculations of body fat, which can be measured by Callipers, Body Metrix and Dexa testing systems.


Using these numbers from my online Protocol program, you can work out where you sit in terms of leaning or building muscle. If you are a male under 13% body fat then you should be in a muscle growth phase. If you are over 13% then you should be in a lean down phase. If you are female and your body fat is under 20% then you should be in muscle growth phase. If you are over 20% then you should be in a lean down phase. These numbers can be used as a guide.


Your objective will impact your nutrition in the following ways. The goal of your intake when leaning is to maintain enough energy during the day with lowest amount of calories, whilst losing body fat and maintaining muscle. On the other hand, the goal of your nutrition whilst muscle growth is your focus is to increase your lean muscle whilst your body fat stays the same or slowly creeps up to a satisfactory point, for which you will need more calories.


Regardless of which goal you have, I always recommend clients to follow this simple FOCUS Rule to help keep them accountable and on track with progress. When you are consistent, that is when you get results.








About Lenny Chadd

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