Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough of this nutrient


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin essential to human health. Everyone knows that vitamin C is good for keeping us healthy, but did you know that bolstering the immune system is just one of it’s many benefits? FIT takes a look at some of the other perks to loading up on this wonder nutrient.


It supports your immune system 

Your immune system is essential to your wellbeing and prevents you from getting common colds, flus or other bugs that we come into contact with every day. Vitamin C is best known for the role it plays in strengthening the immunity. In times of illness, the body requires higher levels of vitamin C than usual, with studies suggesting that increasing your intake with supplements can reduce the duration, symptoms and severity of sickness.  


It helps keep you wrinkle free 

Vitamin C has the ability to help the skin produce collagen, which is what gives skin its elasticity and keeps you looking youthful. Including plenty of vitamin C in your diet is a great way to fight ageing and help combat sun damage, as vitamin C functions as an antioxidant to fight free radicals in the body. 


It assists detoxification of heavy metals  

Vitamin C has been shown to assist with heavy metal detoxification in the body. In particular, vitamin C can lower lead levels. People can come into contact with lead through the foods we eat, water we drink and even the air. In order to keep your organs functioning at their peak, it’s important to help remove these toxic metals from the body, which is one of the helpful functions of vitamin C. 


It keeps your heart healthy 

 Vitamin C is also an incredible asset for maintaining cardiovascular health, with clinical research revealing that it can help with a whole range of heart related issues, such as high blood pressure and endothelial health, through reducing oxidative damage and inflammation.  


It helps skin heal 

Vitamin C is one of the key building blocks for skin repair and can even play a role in DNA repair. Ensuring higher levels of vitamin C intake can assist with faster wound healing and also reduce scars. 


It helps manage stress 

Stress is one of the biggest issues we face today that puts our health in jeopardy. While we are designed to handle the minor stressors of everyday life, our fast paced world and high expectations often means we come under more stress than the body can naturally deal with. Excess stress weakens the immune system and can even age us. The powerful antioxidant function of vitamin C helps to offset this by reducing free radical damage, which benefits us both physically and mentally. 


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