5 Songs To Get You In The Mood For A Workout

5 of the Best Workout Songs

These tunes are sure to get you going even when you don't feel like it!

There’s nothing like a good beat to make you feel inspired and ready to take on a good sweat session and carry you through from warm-up to cool down.  
FIT Crew member DJ Cadell stopped by to share 5 songs for your workout that he’s currently loving and you will too. 


1. Waiting All Night – Rudimental 

I really love Rudimental and how they can make tracks that have cred yet cross over to the mainstream. This track has an old school break beat feel, which is great to give you that extra push when things are getting tough. 


2. Hyper Paradise (Flume Remix) - Hermitude   

Anything flume related is welcome in the start of the sets or on the warm down. It’s great either way with the structure that is in his production. You just can’t go wrong.  


3. 679 - Fetty Wap  

The new school R&Bass is always going to be a good pump for a work out. Big bass and gritty sounds make it perfect for getting down and dirty in a big workout. 


4. Stoned Love - Good Chillaz  

Not everything is about the pump. The warm down is equally as important as the workout so I like to switch it down a few notches. This is just beautiful to run your stretches through.  


5. Etoile - Phil Mison 

Another one for the stretching or roller time. No matter how many times I hear this track over the years it just never gets old. A perfect wind down to finish and epic workout. 


Want more FIT music? 

Cadell is behind the curation of the playlists for your in-store enjoyment at FIT. In addition he’s the curator of our Spotify channel where you can check out a range of different playlists that cater for every situation. No matter what mood you’re in, come in and listen to something a little different that fits your vibe created by our man Cadell. 


About DJ Cadell 


Cadell has been across multiple facets of the music industry for almost 20 years. As a DJ in some of the world’s most renowned venues, he has built an enviable music library and developed an instinctive flair for curating the best tracks. 


He’s created playlists for some of Sydney’s top restaurants, fashion houses and beauty retreats. This has exposed him to a variety of different music genres, and has given him the knowledge to be able to cultivate the coolest vibes, moods and feelings through sound.