Best Non-Stimulant Pre Workout 2022

Best Non-Stimulant Pre Workout 2022

Many pre-workouts contain stimulants such as caffeine, to give you a boost of energy before hitting the gym. However, it may not always be advisable for you to consume stimulants.

For example, you may be sensitive to caffeine, or have a medical reason that advises against it (in which case, you must consult your doctor before taking this or any other supplement). You could also be going for an evening gym session and don’t want to be up all night, or perhaps you simply want to avoid the inevitable post-stim energy crash.

Whatever your reason, Fit Nutrition has a range of stim-free pre-workouts to meet your needs. Not sure which to choose? Then read on for our guide to the best non stim pre workout Australia can offer you in 2022.

best non-stimulant pre workout australia

Best Non-Stim Pre-Workout

OxyShred Non-Stim by EHP Labs

OxyShred Non-Stim by EHP Labs


There’s no doubt that OxyShred Non-Stim is some of the best stimulant free pre workout on the market. It contains many of the same ingredients as the much-loved OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner, including Acetyl L-Carnitine which helps shuttle fatty acids into mitochondria to be used for energy, and CLA which has a thermogenic effect on the body and can increase energy output.

In place of caffeine, this stimulant-free version has Theacrine, a naturally-occurring chemical found in tea and coffee. This is molecularly similar to caffeine and acts through the dopamine and adenosine systems to produce a mildly stimulating effect. This can give you longer-lasting energy, without the negative side effects of caffeine on the heart or blood pressure.

For mental clarity and focus, there is Huperzine A to boost attention and a full spectrum of B vitamins, to support brain function. There’s also Taurine, which may have a positive effect on mood. This supplement is available in 4 flavours, including Kiss My Peach and Appletini, all of which are suitable for vegans. Take it before a workout, ideally on an empty stomach, for a caffeine-free boost to your energy and focus levels.


  • Contains Theacrine for performance enhancement
  • Increases natural energy by harnessing fat stores
  • Nootropics to enhance cognitive function
  • Lightly diuretic to reduce fluid retention
  • No caffeine, artificial colours or flavourings
  • Suitable for use at any time of day
  • Suitable for vegans

Hydraulic by Axe & Sledge

Hydraulic by Axe and Sledge


Our next best stimulant-free pre-workout is Hydraulic, which is again designed to improve your energy, focus and performance, all without the use of stimulants. It does this with a combination of 5 patented ingredients, including Agmamax (Agmatine Sulfate) which may improve muscle pumps and act as a neurotransmitter to increase focus, Nitrosigine, a more bio-available form of Arginine that may increase nitric oxide production and muscular performance, and Creatine Magnapower, for enhanced energy production.

One of the key ways Hydraulic works is by opening the blood vessels to increase blood flow around the body. This in turn increases the amount of oxygen in the muscles, boosting your muscular performance in the gym. It may also help to shuttle lactic acid away from the muscles after a workout, leading to quicker recovery times.

In addition to this, Hydraulic contains a blend of amino acids to help sharpen your mental focus and performance. It’s available in 9 great-tasting flavours, including the highly-rated Deadlifts & Gummy Bears. Take 1 or 2 scoops 20 minutes before training, depending on your tolerance and training goals.


  • Widens blood vessels to increase oxygen flow to the muscles
  • Contains Magnapower creatine for enhanced energy production and muscular performance
  • Contains Tyrosine for increased mental focus
  • Can reduce lactic acid build-up, for faster recovery
  • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity
  • Good range of flavour options

Three-D Pump & Performance by Muscle Nation

Three-D Pump and Performance by Muscle Nation


The final entrant in our pick of the best non stim pre workout Australia has on offer is Three-D Pump & Performance. This caffeine-free supplement contains a plethora of ingredients designed to boost your energy, performance and mental clarity, and is ideal for taking before high-intensity exercise.

Three-D contains several of the brain-sharpening ingredients found in the other best stim free pre workout formulas on this list, including the nootropics Huperzine A and Tyrosine. It also contains GlycerPump - a high-quality and reliable source of Glycerol, that increases fluid in blood and tissues. This combines with other ingredients, including Nitrosigine, to produce more nitric oxide and create longer, stronger muscle pumps that last throughout your workout.

Other notable ingredients include Betaine Anhydrous, which is found naturally in beets and enhances muscle protein synthesis to support gains in strength and endurance, and AstraGin, which improves absorption. Choose from 5 fruity flavours, including Red Candy Fix and Sour Watermelon and take 1 scoop 30 minutes before a workout.


  • Contains over 1600mg of nootropics for enhanced focus, mood and clarity
  • Patented eleATP increases ATP levels, leading to improved energy and power output
  • Contains GlycerPump to increase muscle pumps
  • AstraGin enhances absorption
  • Suitable for use before high-intensity exercise
  • May reduce fatigue and recovery times


What is the best non-stim pre-workout in Australia?

We believe the best stimulant-free pre-workout is OxyShred Non-Stim. This offers a great all-round option for those looking to boost their energy, focus and performance during a workout, without consuming caffeine.

Should I avoid pre-workouts with caffeine?

Caffeine is well-known for its stimulating effect, which is why many people drink coffee in the morning or take a pre-workout with caffeine before exercising. However, when the effects wear off, you may experience an energy crash. Consuming too much caffeine can make you feel anxious or dizzy, and if taken too late in the day, it can interfere with sleep.

Caffeine is also addictive, and withdrawal can produce symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and irritability. Whether or not you decide the pros of caffeine outweigh the cons will depend on your health and requirements. If you decide to reduce your caffeine intake, one of our best non stimulant pre workout options can fill the void.

What pre-workout doesn’t give you jitters?

If you’re looking for an energy-boosting pre-workout, minus the jitters, we recommend trying OxyShred Non-Stim or Three-D Pump & Performance, as they don’t contain the caffeine or stimulants which typically produce these effects.

Are pre-workouts bad for you?

As with all supplements, the ingredients included in pre-workouts vary, and you should research exactly what you’re taking first. Some common side effects of pre-workouts include feeling jittery, headaches, digestive upset and bloating. Always consult a healthcare professional before taking any kind of pre-workout supplement.