Best Gut Health Supplements Australia in 2021

Best Gut Health Supplements Australia in 2021

Taking care of your gut is essential for good overall health. The gut is now widely known as the ‘second brain’; it contains its own nervous system – the enteric nervous system (ENS) – which lines the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, from the oesophagus to the rectum. The ENS affects everything from your mood to some diseases, and of course, your digestive system.

Supporting the ENS and achieving good gastronomical health depends on the balance of microorganisms in your digestive tract. Maintaining the right balance of bacteria in your gut is essential for good digestion, producing fatty acids and vitamins, and bolstering your immune system.

Gut bacteria include those from the Bifidobacterium, Bacteroides, Lactobacillus and Escherichia genus, as well as other microbes and yeasts. With modern diets often high in junk food and low in plants, many of us are consuming too much sugar and too little fibre and micronutrients, meaning the bacteria in our guts gets out of balance.

Gut Health Supplements


To improve the balance of bacteria in your gut and your overall health, you might want to try a gut health supplement. These supplements often contain probiotics (live microorganisms) or prebiotics (ingredients that help the good bacteria in your gut), to improve the diversity of your microbiome, and boost your digestion and immunity. They may also contain digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

There are many gut health supplements on the market. To help you narrow down the options, we’ve selected 5 of the best gut health supplements Australia has to offer, and explained our reasons for choosing each below.

Gut Right by ATP Science

Gut Right is aimed at people who are eating a balanced diet, but not necessarily a varied one. Traditionally, we would eat the vegetables and legumes that are in season, and then have a break while we wait for them to return. We would also have periods of intermittent fasting, to allow our metabolism to adjust to changing ratios of food.

These eating patterns are generally absent from our modern diets, where we tend to eat the same foods on repeat. To compensate, ATP Science has created a supplement with a plethora of different plant polyphenols - the healthy parts of the leaves, seeds and peel of vegetables - to help to restore the balance of bacteria in your microbiome.

The Gut Right formula contains Modbiotics™, to simulate the healthy compounds that would once have been found in our diets naturally. Modbiotics are a subset of prebiotics, which modify the existing microbial species in our guts, instead of introducing new bacteria.

The result is undoubtedly one of the most well-researched and best supplements for gut health on the market. Note that there is no added flavouring to the vegan-friendly formula, so you may want to mix it into honey or a smoothie, to sweeten the taste.

Gut Performance by Musclenation


If you prefer a flavoured option, Musclenation’s Gut Performance is available in Original Raspberry or Blackcurrant. It contains a specially formulated blend of prebiotic fibre and micronutrients, to nourish the protective lining of your digestive tract and boost your gut health.

The ingredients list includes sugarcane stem, which is an effective prebiotic, and a powerhouse of fibre and micronutrients. It can help to balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and prevent cell damage.

There is also red sorghum, which is a gluten-free, low FODMAP grain, that is easy to digest. It’s also low GI, to help prevent sugar highs and lows. The red beetroot powder has complex dietary fibre to strengthen good bacteria and improve digestion, and the blackcurrant has a high level of antioxidants to boost immunity.

Greens Gut Health and Immunity by White Wolf Nutrition

Greens Gut Health is another great option for those looking for the best gut health supplements, Australia. It contains a gut-specific nutrient blend of prebiotics and probiotics, to support your gastronomical health and immune system.

The formula includes anti-parasitic essential oils, anti-inflammatory enzymes, and raw organic whole foods. These are designed to improve your gut health, whilst also reducing bloating and increasing nutrient absorption.

This supplement is available in a choice of flavours, including Chocolate Malt, Strawberry Mint and Lemon Twist, making it another of the best supplements to take for gut health if you want a wide range of flavour options.

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition’s Vitality Switch is a true powerhouse of a supplement. This superfood greens powder contains 33 hand-selected ingredients and 5 blends to optimise your body’s systems.

These include a digestive enzyme blend and a gut blend. The gut blend has wild-caught sustainable marine collagen and a heat-stable probiotic blend, to help support a healthy microbiome.

Perhaps the best thing about Vitality Switch is that it’s not just one of the best supplements for gut health; the greens formula is also designed to help with mental function and boost your energy levels. However, it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a gut-specific option.

Green Boost by Formula Health

Finally, Green Boost is one of the best natural supplements for gut health on the market today. Formula Health is a certified 100% organic company, that cares about the world we live in. They use only the best, ethically-sourced ingredients to create their fully plant-based supplements.

Again, this supplement is designed to improve your overall health. The greens blend is packed full of vitamins and minerals to give you more energy, and it contains antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes, to enhance nutrient absorption and help your gut. You’ll also find turmeric and cinnamon powder, to reduce inflammation.

The delicious pineapple taste is achieved through the use of organic stevia – no added sugar or artificial flavours here. Mix into water or your daily smoothie, to help fill the gaps in your daily diet.


What are the best supplements for gut health?

This list contains our top 5 best gut health supplements Australia has to offer. If we had to choose just one, Gut Right by ATP Science is a great all-rounder, for an affordable price. It contains patented Modbiotics, used for their prebiotic substrate and antimicrobial properties, to restore harmony to your gut.

What are the best natural supplements for gut health?

One of the best natural supplements for gut health has to be Green Boost by Formula Health. It contains 100% organic ingredients, including spirulina, grasses, chlorella, herbs, fruits, and vegetables - and no artificial colours or flavours.

What are the best gut health supplements for weight loss?

We think Gut Performance by Musclenation is one of the best supplements for gut health and weight loss. The red sorghum in the formula is slow to digest, which is easier on your gut and can help with weight control.

What are the best gut healing supplements?

One of the best gut healing supplements is Greens Gut Health and Immunity by White Wolf Nutrition. It contains a blend of anti-inflammatory enzymes, anti-parasitic essential oils, and organic whole foods, to improve your gut health, whilst reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of bloating and inflammation.