Best Detox Products in Australia

Best Detox Products in Australia

The term ‘detox’ has exploded in popularity in recent years, and detox diets and products that help your body rid itself of toxins are now considered by many to be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Detoxes are perhaps best known for aiding weight loss, but that is not their only function; they can also increase your overall health, vitality and energy, and affect everything from your sleep to your complexion.

Fit Nutrition stocks a range of detox products that support your body’s natural detoxification system. Here we will explore different types of detoxes, and the best detox products Australia can offer you to help you achieve results.

What is a detox?

Detox is short for detoxification. It is a process whereby you attempt to rid your body of toxins and pollutants, to improve your health. The body is more than capable of removing toxins by itself – thanks mainly to the liver and kidneys – but a detox is often assumed to assist this process.

There are many different types of detoxes, but most involve removing highly-processed foods, refined sugar, saturated fats, tobacco and alcohol from your diet. Without these harmful substances, your body’s cells can function more efficiently, which can benefit many processes in your body, from fat-burning to the immune system.

The typical length of a detox varies. They may last 24 hours, a few days or a whole month. Some detox diets advise following a strict plan for only part of the day, perhaps consuming juices for breakfast and lunch, and then eating solid food for dinner.

Benefits of detoxes

Some of the potential health benefits of detoxing include:

  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Better immunity
  • Improved liver and kidney health

Types of detoxes

Some of the most popular detoxes include:

  • Juice cleanse

A liquid or juice cleanse involves saying a temporary goodbye to solid foods and consuming only liquids for the duration of the detox. As well as juices, these liquids may also include smoothies, tonics and herbal teas. Note that this type of detox is not suitable for people with kidney disease.

Evidence has shown that juice detoxes can have a positive effect on your metabolism and digestive system, as your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break down solid foods. If you’re considering this type of detox, check out our article on juice cleanses to help you decide if it’s right for you.

  • Restricted food groups

Another form of detox is when certain foods or food groups are restricted or eliminated from the diet. The purpose may be to improve health, identify an intolerance – such as to dairy – or to aid weight loss. However, you should be careful when removing entire food groups from your diet that you are still getting all the nutrients you need.

  • Liver cleanse

The liver plays a vital part in detoxifying blood and filtering and removing toxins from the body. A liver cleanse is designed to increase this by improving your liver health. It may involve eating more substances believed to support liver function, such as turmeric and milk thistle. This type of cleanse also typically requires eliminating alcohol from the diet.

  • Colon cleanse

Followers of this detox might use laxatives, enemas or colonic irrigation to clear their colon and flush out toxins. However, colonic cleanses of this nature are unpleasant, and can be dangerous if not conducted under medical supervision. An alternative is to add more fibre and prebiotics to the diet, which can help improve gut health and avoid constipation.

  • Green tea detox

Green tea contains a high amount of catechins, including epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – a type of polyphenol (or plant antioxidant) that promotes increased metabolic rate and fat burning. This makes green tea one of the best natural detox products and leads many people to try a green tea detox.

Best detox products, Australia

Best overall detox product: Code Red by Evolve

Code Red by Evolve


Code Red is one of the best detox products in Australia today. It contains a clinically-proven blend of ingredients to support healthy liver function and is one of the best toxin detox products to assist with a liver cleanse and purging your body of pollutants.

The formula contains Choline L-Bitartrate to support normal liver function and fat metabolism, and a blend of Inositol, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine to help detox the liver. There is also potassium to help with normal electrolyte balance and sodium to reduce blood pressure.

Code Red is gluten-free and available in 2 flavours – Passionfruit and Red Frog Raspberry. Mix 1 scoop with 400ml water to make a delicious detox cleanse drink. Evolve recommend taking it in the morning, before eating, for 15 consecutive days.

Best natural wholefood detox product: Gut Right by ATP Science


Vegan-friendly Gut Right contains a blend of plant polyphenols designed to promote a healthy microbiome in the gut. This makes it one of the best natural detox products to support a colonic cleanse.

Its patented Modbiotic™ formula contains chemicals from a variety of fruit and vegetable skins, peels, pulp, seeds and spices that are often not present enough in our modern diets. These can help to restore the balance of bacteria in our guts by reducing ‘bad’ bacteria, so the good bacteria can flourish.

As the bad bacteria die, they release toxins that may be expelled through gas. After the detox period, you should notice an improvement in symptoms and an overall healthier gut. You can take 1 teaspoon of Gut Right mixed into water or a smoothie daily, or kickstart your detox with the 10-day challenge, where you take Gut Right 3 times a day, with meals, for 10 days. Note that during this time, you should follow their strict Modbiotic diet protocol.

Best gentle detox product for everyday use: Gut Performance by Everybody Everyday

Gut Performance by Everybody Everyday


Gut Performance is another supplement designed to boost your gut health and support a healthy microbiome. It contains active prebiotics, to feed your gut’s good bacteria, and soluble and insoluble fibre, to improve gut function. There are also antioxidants and complex micronutrients.

By reducing the amount of the B-glucuronidase enzyme, Gut Performance also has the potential to limit oestrogen entering the large intestine, which in turn reduces inflammation. With only 6 calories per serve and considering its potential to improve your digestion and metabolism, this may also be one of the best detox products for weight loss or weight control.

The supplement is available in Original Raspberry or Blackcurrant flavour but contains no artificial colours or preservatives. It is gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and can be taken daily.

Best detox product for gut health: Greens Gut Health and Immunity by White Wolf Nutrition

Greens Gut Health and Immunity


Greens Gut Health and Immunity contains a plethora of ingredients and a blend of both prebiotics and probiotics to support and repair the gut.

Gut specific raw organic foods and anti-parasitic essential oils boost gut performance whilst aiding nutrient absorption. This can reduce symptoms of indigestion, whilst increasing your immunity. There is also an anti-inflammatory enzyme and mineral blend.

All of this makes the supplement an excellent addition to any detox program intending to tackle bloating, fatigue or poor immunity. It’s available in a choice of 5 delicious flavours, including Chocolate Malt and Lemon Twist, and should ideally be taken upon waking.

Best detox product for nutrients: Greens Gut + Immunity by Red Dragon Nutritionals

Greens Gut + Immunity by Red Dragon Nutritionals


Our final recommendation in our round-up of the best detox products Australia can offer is Greens Gut Health + Immunity.

This supplement contains everything your gut needs to repair and reset during a detox. Fermented Glutamine, Aloe Vera Leaf and Cinnamon Bark Extract are just a few of the ingredients designed to restore a healthy gut flora balance.

There are also super greens, prebiotics, probiotics, immune supporters, and a digestive enzyme blend for improved nutrient absorption. All of this makes this one of the best detox and cleanse products on the market for those looking to improve their overall gut health and wellbeing.


Do detoxes work?

Yes, detoxes can work to help you to lose weight and feel better in the short term. However, they are not a miracle cure or sustainable solution for a poor diet or medical issues. You should take care to research the best detox products Australia has for your needs, and design a program suited to your health requirements.

How do I know if my body needs to detox?

Feeling tired or bloated, gaining weight or experiencing breakouts on your skin can all be signs that your body might benefit from a detox. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should always see your doctor first, to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

What is the most effective detox cleanse product?

One of the most effective detox cleanse products in Australia is Code Red by Evolve. Code Red features a cocktail of clinically-researched ingredients including Choline L-Bitartrate, L-Methionine and L-Cysteine. This clever detox supplement is specifically designed to boost your liver function, which in turn supports the filtering and expulsion of toxins from the body.

What are the side effects of detoxing?

Some potential side effects of detoxing include fatigue, headaches, nausea and irritability. These may be triggered due to a lack of calories in a fasting detox, or as your body goes into withdrawal from certain foods, for example, caffeine. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your detox diet, to avoid dehydration.

Detoxes are not suitable for everyone – for example, you should avoid them if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an eating disorder, or are taking prescription medication. Always consult your healthcare provider before embarking on any type of detox.