Best Appetite Suppressant in Australia

Best Appetite Suppressant in Australia

When it comes to losing weight, there are a range of different avenues that you can target to increase your results. From replacing processed food with clean, healthy food or increasing how often you go to the gym or for a morning run, there are a range of different things to consider when actively trying to drop weight.

Something you may not yet have considered is how much you’re eating. Whether clean food or otherwise, overeating can make it difficult to achieve your body goals. We get it; sometimes, those cravings hit hard. Maybe you’re undergoing a lot of stress, and enjoying those comfort foods is all that sustains you, or perhaps you don’t even realise you’re overeating because you’re snacking away while binge-watching the latest true crime documentary. Either way, it isn’t always easy to exercise self-control. This is where appetite suppressants can help.

Appetite suppressants can aid weight loss and help control hunger cravings. These supplements use a combination of ingredients to help suppress appetite. They can also boost your metabolism, slow the rate at which your body absorbs fat and carbohydrates and enhance your energy levels – all of which can further help you to lose fat.

If you want to lose weight this year, we have a range of appetite suppressants and fat burners that can help. It is important to note that appetite suppressants are not a replacement for food and should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Always consult your doctor first, especially if you are on medication or have a health condition.

Types of appetite suppressants

Ketogenic:  This type of supplement helps your body achieve a state of ketosis. This occurs naturally in the absence of glucose, where your body begins to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, producing ketones. This option is not suitable for everyone and should only be considered with approval from a medical professional.

Thermogenic:  Thermogenesis refers to the process by which your body generates heat by burning calories. Thermogenic supplements increase this process, helping your body to burn more calories and oxidise fat faster.


Best Appetite Suppressant Australia

Best appetite suppressant, Australia

1. Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition

Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition


One of the best appetite suppressants Australia has to offer is Keto Switch. Keto Switch contains a carefully formulated blend of ketogenic amino acids to encourage your body to achieve a ketogenic state. This may activate processes that control hunger and help you to lose weight.

Key ingredients:

  • goBHB™ (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) – A patented ingredient that contains ketones for your body to use as fuel
  • Vana™ Sana C-8 MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil – Supports ketosis and can help to increase energy levels
  • L-Leucine – An essential amino acid that assists with the process of biosynthesising protein. It also helps with regulating blood sugar levels and muscle repair
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – Boosts the metabolism and helps your body turn fat into energy
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – An antioxidant that supports your immune system


  • Can help suppress hunger
  • May support fat burning, lean muscle growth and energy levels
  • All-natural formula, with no artificial colours or preservatives
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Available in 5 flavours

    2. Shred Ultra Advanced by Body Science


    Shred Ultra Advanced contains a range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to promote thermogenesis and boost metabolism while supporting cognitive function and overall well-being. If you haven’t tried their watermelon flavour, do yourself a favour and add it to your daily routine.

    Key ingredients:

    • Acetyl L-Carnitine – Helps your body to metabolise sugar, carbohydrates, fats, fatty acids and lipids
    • Chromium – Works with Acetyl L-Carnitine to boost the metabolism and increase energy levels
    • Caffeine – Helps support cognitive function, increase alertness and maintain thermogenesis
    • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) – A herbal ingredient traditionally used to defend against diseases and improve strength


    • May increase the metabolism of fats and sugar
    • Can increase mental alertness
    • May help to boost energy and reduce fatigue
    • Gluten-free and suitable for vegans
    • No artificial colours or added sugar

      3. EHP Labs OxyShred

      EHP Labs OxyShred


      OxyShred is another thermogenic supplement designed to stimulate your body’s fat receptor cells and metabolism. This can help you to burn fat whilst controlling your appetite at the same time. It contains a comparatively high amount of caffeine and is effective as a pre-workout.

      Key ingredients:

      • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – Can suppress the appetite and exerts a thermogenic effect, helping to reduce fat deposits
      • Guggul extract powder – Can reduce the ghrelin hormone, which causes hunger, and increase the feeling of satiation. May also increase serotonin levels, improve mood and suppress appetite
      • Raspberry ketones (from raspberry fruit extract) – Can increase the burning of fat for energy, aiding fat loss
      • Grapefruit seed extract – may enhance thermogenesis and increases energy expenditure
      • Chromium Picolinate – May help balance blood sugar levels and control cravings for sweet foods


      • Can increase your metabolic rate
      • Helps to curb hunger
      • May boost immunity and energy
      • Good range of 12 flavour options
      • Suitable for vegans

        5. Pyro by Evolve

        Pyro By Evolve


        Evolve Pyro is a powerhouse thermogenic that doubles as a performance booster and a weight-loss facilitator. This game-changing formula can deliver unparalleled focus without any post-training crash. With caffeine to incite thermogenesis and energy, Pyro harnesses compounds like bitter orange extract to suppress your appetite. This formula is a double-edged sword when it comes to tackling weight loss and appetite suppression.

        Key ingredients:

        • Caffeine Anhydrous - a dehydrated form of caffeine that can stimulate thermogenesis, lower appetite, and improve athletic performance.
        • Infinergy - a patented compound that can buffer the salts in caffeine, improving digestion and replenishing energy produced by caffeine.
        • TeaCrine - a patented compound that can deliver long-lasting energy without jitters or crashes.
        • Bitter Orange Extract - used in contemporary medicine, bitter orange extract offers benefits in weight loss, skin health and appetite control.
        • Grains of Paradise - can decrease inflammation while supporting weight loss. 
        • L-Taurine - L-Taurine is an amino acid that can help lower stress, improve fat oxidation and support athletic performance.


        • Promotes weight management
        • Supports performance and energy
        • May encourage appetite control
        • Contains Infinergy to prevent post-workout caffeine crash
        • 11 mouth-watering flavours



          What is the best all-natural appetite suppressant?

          One of the best natural appetite suppressants is Keto Switch. This vegan-friendly, fat-fighting formula is made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

          What is the best pre-workout appetite suppressant?

          One of the best pre-workout appetite suppressants is OxyShred by EHP Labs. The high 150mg of caffeine per serving will give you that much-needed boost before hitting the gym. For best results, consume 15 minutes before exercising.

          How do appetite suppressants work?

          Appetite suppressants work by affecting your brain's urge to eat. They work to control those hunger cravings and help you feel fuller after eating. This can help you consume fewer calories, supporting weight loss. These can be effective if you’re struggling to lose weight (Cleveland Clinic. 2020).

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          What can I take over the counter to suppress my appetite?

          All of the appetite suppressants listed here are available from Fit Nutrition without a prescription. We think the best over the counter appetite suppressant is Shred Ultra Advanced by Body Science. As well as suppressing your appetite, it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to boost your energy, health and wellbeing.

          What are the best appetite suppressant pills Australia can offer me?

          If you prefer tablets to powder, Garcinia Cambogia Advanced by Fusion Health might be one of the best appetite suppressant pills to take for fat loss. The recommended dose is 1 tablet 3 times a day, 30 minutes before a meal.

          Do appetite suppressants work?

          When used correctly, appetite suppressants can make up part of a successful fat-loss program, alongside a healthy diet and exercise. As with most supplements, there are many options and not all are created equal. Make sure to research the ingredients and how they meet your specific needs before selecting the best hunger suppressant for you.

          Are appetite suppressants safe?

          Whether it is safe for you to take an appetite suppressant depends on the ingredients and your individual health and circumstances. Always consult your doctor before taking appetite suppressants. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are on certain medications (including antidepressants) or suffer from heart disease, liver disease and other diseases like Glaucoma and Hyperthyroidism, then you should not take appetite suppressants (Cleveland Clinic. 2020).

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          Who should use appetite suppressants?

          If you’re trying to reduce hunger cravings or working to lose weight, appetite suppressants may help you. If you have a BMI greater than 30, a healthcare provider may recommend or prescribe an appetite suppressant (Cleveland Clinic. 2020).

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          Do appetite suppressants work?

          If used correctly, appetite suppressants can make up part of a successful fat-loss program. When combined with healthy lifestyle changes like a nutritionally balanced diet and frequent exercise, appetite suppressants can promote substantial weight loss within the first 12 months of taking them  (Cleveland Clinic. 2020).

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