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Vegan Essential Aminos by White Wolf Nutrition

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Vegan Essential Aminos by White Wolf Nutrition


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  • Description

    Vegan Essential Aminos by White Wolf Nutrition

    We all know how important essential aminos are for recovery and cell function, that's why they're called essential! But by also consuming your EAAs during training, it can help assist with energy levels and give you that extra push to keep going when you've started to die off a little mid session. So what White Wolf have done is go that step further, the Vegan Essential Aminos also contain a pretty blend called PeakO₂™, a blend of organic mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, King Trumpet, Lions Mane, Shiitake and Turkey Tail to increase your bodys ability to uptake more oxygen improving alertness, brain function, clarity and really just improves your ability to get sh*t done!! 

    So when you're starting to lose your focus and energy during training, get onto Vegan Essential Aminos by White Wolf and see the difference in your training and recovery. And did we mention they're 100% natural and packed with electrolytes for rehydration? Oh yeah, don't forget that little bonus. Completely plant based and containing nothing artificial, designed and built to help you rehydrate, recover and get your workouts done! Yes White Wolf!!


    Main Benefits:

    • Reducing delayed onset muscle soreness
    • Increasing oxygen uptake into the system during training
    • Increase rehydration
    • Sweetened with stevia



    Mix one scoop with 500mls of water and consume during training or post training.

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