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Body Science BSC Collagen Regenerate

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 Looking to give your body the support it needs to bounce back stronger after every workout? Meet Body Science Collagen Regenerate, the game-changer in post-workout nutrition. This advanced formula combines Tendoforte® hydrolysed collagen peptides with vitamin C to support muscle recovery, joint health, and skin vitality. The added vitamin C further enhances absorption and effectiveness. Whether you’re lifting heavy, running long distances, or just staying active, Collagen Regenerate can support your active lifestyle.

But performance isn’t the only thing that matters - taste and convenience do, too. Body Science Collagen Regenerate mixes easily into water or your favourite post-workout shake, making it a refreshing treat you’ll look forward to. And with no added sugar, artificial colours, or preservatives, you can trust that you’re getting clean, effective nutrition with every scoop. 

Features & Benefits

  • HASTA-approved
  • Added vitamin C
  • Tendoforte ® collagen
  • Supports ligament & joint health
  • Unsweetened formula 

How To Take

Mix 1 level scoop (5.1g) into 250ml of cold water, shake or stir until completely mixed.

Body Science BSC Collagen Regenerate
Body Science BSC Collagen Regenerate