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Fusion Health Probiotic Advanced

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Probiotic Advanced by Fusion Health

Your stomach is host to trillions of different types of bacteria known as microflora. We hear the word "bacteria" and we automatically think bad things! But, there are alot of different types of bacteria in our stomachs, some good and some bad.

The good types are the ones we desperately need to maintain a healthy, functioning gastrointestinal system. While others can be really quite harmful to our little guy Stomach. The harmful bacterias generally lead to gastrointestinal upset like bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements and more importantly they can affect the stomachs ability to properly digest and absorb super important nutrients and also affect our immune function. By balancing out the bad with the good, we can say goodbye to tummy troubles and hello to a healthy, happy gut.

Probiotic Advanced by Fusion Health contains 6 strains of good bacteria to help support healthy gastrointestinal microflora, relieve symptoms of flatulence and bloating, improve immune health and function and to help restore the microflora after use of antibiotics.

Main Benefits:

  • Improve and maintain healthy gut microflora
  • Reduce symptoms of flatulence, bloating and irregular bowel movements
  • Suitable for use after antibiotics to support digestive function and more rapidly restore and maintain the bowel flora.
  • May also aid in the management of eczema, help maintain a normal healthy immune system, and reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections such as colds

Fusion Health Probiotic Advanced
Fusion Health Probiotic Advanced
Fusion Health Probiotic Advanced