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MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Twin Pack

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D-Fine8 has returned, and it's better than ever! Musclewerks D-Fine8 improved formula gives you all of the benefits you loved about the original formula, plus a slew of brand new ones!

An advanced potent formula with cutting-edge ingredients that will help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Musclewerks D-Fine8 makes no compromises in terms of quality or effectiveness. When combined with the proper diet and training regimen, this game-changer will cover all bases and assist you in reaching your goals. Musclewerks D-Fine8 contains Paradoxine, Synephrine, Vitamin B6, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and other ingredients to provide the ultimate formula. We recommend doing some research to fully understand the benefits of these incredible ingredients!

Benefits & Features

  • Helps you reach your weight-loss goals
  • There is no sugar, no carbs, and no calories in this product
  • Paradoxine, Synephrine, Vitamin B6, and the amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine are all present
  • Caffeinated drink
  • There are eight incredible flavours to choose from

How To Take

Mix 1 scoop (2.35g) with 470ml of water.

MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Twin Pack