L-Leucine by Gen-Tec

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L-Leucine by Gen-Tec


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    L-Leucine by Gen-Tec

    We all know how important BCAAs are, but out of the 3 aminos that group together as the branch chain, leucine is the most important. The beneficial effects of BCAA is primarily due to leucine, hence a BCAA product that is very high in leucine content will provide more physiological benefit than a product with equal amounts of the three BCAA. When consumed, leucine stimulates a gene responsible for telling the body to repair and build muscle through the use of amino acids. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin which can have an ababolic effect.


    May help with:

    • Increases recovery
    • Stimulating bodys natural response to repair and build
    • May increase insulin production creating an anabolic effect.


    Mix 400mg (1/8 tsp) of L-LEUCINE in 150mL water and consume 20 minutes before, during, after exercise or before bed. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

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