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Gold Standard 100% Isolate by Optimum Nutrition

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Gold Standard 100% Isolate by Optimum Nutrition


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  • Description

    Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate by Optimum Nutrition

    Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate by Optimum Nutrition is a high quality ultra filtered and hydrolysed whey protein isolate. As a premium whey protein, this supplement is a great way to increase your protein intake, whilst minimising your intake of carbohydrates and fat.


    Who is this product designed for?

    This high-quality protein powder is designed for anyone who is looking to increase muscle recovery and their protein intake. Its ideal for anyone who is following a strict diet and looking to consume minimum carbs and fat.


    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Want to increase lean muscle? Getting enough protein in the diet is essential for the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. In fact, to gain muscle it’s recommended to consume anywhere between 0.8g-2g of protein per lb of body weight. In just one scoop of this optimum nutrition product, you’ll get a massive 25g of protein, 0g of fat and just 1g of carbs. This means for just 100 calories, it’s never been easier to increase your protein intake and stick to your macros. 

    Looking to aid recovery & aid performance? If you take part in a fitness regime including HIIT, resistance, weight or endurance training – protein is an essential for recovery. By consuming protein during key times and training windows, such as post workout, you can make sure your muscles have everything they need to recover. Each scoop of this Optimum Nutrition product is packed with 5.5g of essential BCAAs, 11.4g of essential amino acids and 4.3g of glutamine. This means, your muscles can get everything they need for the best recovery.

    Sick of feeling hungry? Diets high in carbohydrates and refined foods can often leave us lacking energy, hungry and fighting away cravings. By increasing your protein intake, you can stay fuller for longer and help regulate blood sugar levels that may lead to energy crashes and cravings. What’s more, the deliciously creamy and sweet taste of this protein shake means you’ll be able to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt.


    The Main Benefits

    • 25g of high quality hydrolysed whey protein isolate
    • Only 100 calories with 0g of fat and 1g of carbs,
    • 5.5g of BCAAs and 11.4g of essential amino acids
    • Contains 4.3g of glutamine
    • Can contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass
    • Great for increasing recovery for performance

      How to take

      We recommend mixing 1 scoop of this isolate powder with 250-300ml of cold water, milk or dairy free milk. The bets time to take this product would be post workout or during the day when hunger cravings hit.


      Hydrolysed Whey protein isolate & whey protein isolate

      These types of whey protein have gone through an ultra-filtration process to remove as many impurities as possible. As a result they are the highest quality whey proteins available with minimum fat and carbs.

      Natural and artificial flavours, sweetener & soy lecithin

      To make this shake taste delicious Optimum Nutrition have added a range of natural and artificial flavourings and sweeteners. Soy lecithin is added to make the powder have more food functional properties and as stabilising ingredient and thickener.

      Other Ingredients 

      Natural and Artificial Flavour, Soy lecithin, sweetener 


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