Gen-Tec Protein Custard

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Banana Split
Banana Split
Chocolate Crème
Coffee Tiramisu
Salted Golden Caramel
Vanilla Panna Cotta


Looking for the perfect post-workout snack or before-bed treat to curb sweet cravings, fuel muscle repair and hit your protein targets? Meet Gen-Tec’s Protein Custard - a delicious and satiating protein dessert to enjoy any time of day or night!

With over 24g of New Zealand-sourced casein per serving, this amino acid-packed protein custard supports muscle maintenance and growth, while aiding repair after intense physical exercise. This sustained-release protein formula is low in fat, so you can have your cake (well, in this case, custard) and eat it too. 

Benefits & Features

  • New Zealand-sourced casein 

  • Over 24g protein per serve

  • Naturally-occurring amino acids

  • Supports muscle growth

  • Aids in muscle repair

How To Take

Mix 40g (2 rounded scoops) in 150mL of cold water in a shaker, bowl or blender for a smooth, creamy, dessert-style custard. Store in a cool dark place below 25°C.


Gen-Tec Protein Custard Chocolate Creme
Gen-Tec Protein Custard Banana Split
Gen-Tec Protein Custard Coffee Tiramisu
Gen-Tec Protein Custard Salted Golden Caramel
Gen-Tec Protein Custard Vanilla Panna Cotta
Gen-Tec Protein Custard