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Evolve Incredible Carbs

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Incredible Carbs by Evolve Nutrition can be taken for rapid glycogen replenishment before and during exercise and is a concentrated source of high glycemic glucose polymers.

This easily digested formula comes in the form of carbohydrates to provide the energy needed to replenish depleted glycogen stores, and fuels heavy exercise and prolonged strenuous activity. Incredible Carbs can also be used to "carb load" for harder, fuller looking muscles.

Main Benefits:

  • Raises insulin levels for a more sustained release when combined with Whey Protein
  • Aids rapid glycogen replenishment during or post heavy exercise or training
  • Makes muscles look fuller and harder when "carb loaded

How To Take:

Mix 2 Scoops in 400mL of your favourite protein shake or water immediately after sustained strenuous exercise or training.

Evolve Incredible Carbs
Evolve Incredible Carbs