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Bliss by One Eleven Health

Introducing the newest and one of the greatest products we've ever seen at Fit Nutrition - Bliss by One Eleven Health, a potent adaptogenic Ayurvedic elixir for calm, performance and optimal health.

It's called Bliss because for thousands of years these herbs have been taken by meditators to increase bliss chemistry in the brain and enliven the experience of unity. The ingredients in Bliss contains Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Tulsi and multiple other potent adaptogenic herbs that work synergistically to have a calming effect on the nervous system and assist in pacifying an over active mind.

Bliss can be taken before bed for a restful night's sleep but when taken through the day, Bliss can have a rejuvenating effect and support healthy energy levels through the day.

Sourced from wild-harvested herbs in India, Bliss has some incredible features -

  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Added Artificial Flavours
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Pesticides
  • No Genetically Modified Crop Material used
  • Includes wild-harvested herbs
  • Organically grown
  • Made with love
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Vegan

Restore calm in any stressful situation with Bliss!

How to use:

Take 1/4 teaspoon in any hot drink any time you like through the day, and/or twice a day before meditation for a more blissful experience. Add to your morning coffee to neutralise some of the over-stimulating effects of caffeine. Can be taken as needed during any stressful situation for support.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera),Yasthimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Kala Musli (Curculigo orchioides), Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica), Guduchi (Tinspora cordifolia), Brahmi (Baccopa monnieri), Mustaka (Cyperus rotundus), Usira (Chrysopogon zizanioides), Svetachandana-(Santalum album), Mandukarpani (Centulla asiatica), Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Pearl (Potassium carbonate)

40 Serves
40 Serves
80 Serves



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