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Beta Alanine by ATP Science

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Beta Alanine by ATP Science


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  • Description

    Beta Alanine by ATP Science

    Beta alanine by ATP Science is a supplement powder that is used by individuals pre and during a workout who are looking to enhance performance by reducing lactic acid build up in the muscles. Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that  helps produce a specific type of protein called carnosine. Once produced, carnosine helps to remove lactic acid by-products that are produced during high intensity exercise. Because beta alanine is needed to make this protein – it is a key ingredient responsible for reducing lactic acid. It is usually found in pre workout supplements and is the ingredient that often causes skin tingling.

    Who is this product designed for?

    This supplement powder is designed for people in all forms of training to improve endurance and performance. We recommend this product for people who take part in resistance training, team sports, sprinting, middle distance running, rowing and cycling.

    How can this product help me?

    Do you suffer from a lactic acid build up? A build up of lactic acid is what causes our muscles to feel like they are burning during vigorous exercise. Because Beta Alanine helps create the protein carnosine it helps remove acidic by-products that causes a build up of lactic acid. This means it is often consumed before high intensity sports and training by individuals who want to train for longer at a high intensity.

    Do you want to increase performance? This supplement is a key ingredient found in pre workout supplements and is known to give a skin tingling sensation. This means it is considered a popular product for individuals with major goals of enhancing performance. 

    The Main Benefits

    • May prevent lactic acid build up
    • Used by those wanting to increase endurance
    • Naturally sourced, non-GMO and pesticide free
    • Vegan friendly and gluten free 


      How to take

      Take 1.2g, which is equivalent to ¼ of a teaspoon with water before intense exercise.


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