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AMP-V by ATP Science

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AMP-V by ATP Science


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  • Description

    AMP-V by ATP Science

     AMP-V by ATP Science is an innovative blend of fatty acids from CLA and other cold pressed oils, combined with herbal ingredients such as peppermint.


    Who is this product designed for?

    AMP-V is designed for individuals who have fat loss as their goal and are looking for a source of fatty acids and oils to support their training. It can be used for those who partake in intermittent fasting in times to control appetite, or before training to give you a brain boost as essential fatty acids give great power to the brain!


    How Can this Product Help Me?

    AMP-V contains a range of different oils that have been combined to create a unique formula. This product may assist those who are training with fat loss in mind and people who are looking to increase energy levels using essential oils and MCT. It's also a perfect supplement to take while intermittent fasting to reduce hunger and appetite to push you through your fast.


    The Main Benefits

    • Great for individuals with fat loss goals
    • A great source of oils and fatty acids
    • Great for intermittent fasting to help assist with hunger and control appetite
    • Taken by individuals with strength or endurance goals
    • Easy to take 


      How to take 

      This product can be used several times in the day. We recommend consuming before fasted cardio for best results and then intra and post workout. At each stage of your workout take 1-2mL of AMP-V.

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      ATP Science

      AMP-V by ATP Science


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