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How it works


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Loyalty Points Program

Here at Fit Nutrition, we want to support our customers in every way possible, so by supporting us and being a regular Fit Shopper you can access loads of loyalty points to add discounts to your order! You love us, so we love you 😍


PLACE AN ORDER - 5 points for every $1 spent

LIKE ON FACEBOOK - 100 points




WRITE A REVIEW - 250 points

REFER A FRIEND - $15 coupon

Loyalty Points FAQs

How do I earn loyalty points? 

Read the above! There's plenty of ways to
earn, but first ensure you have signed up to a loyalty points account. You can
find that in the launcher on any page.

How do I use my points? 

Open the
launcher (yellow button with a ⭐) and
depending on how many points you've accrued will depend on what sort of voucher
you can attain. We recommend saving your points up so you can use a bigger
discount :)

I can't see my balance? 

Open the
launcher, sign in and Bob's your uncle. Or alternatively, check your emails.
We'll always tell you your points balance in our latest emails.

Frequently asked question

There's a difference between placing an order
and creating an account. Placing an order does not automatically create the
account, but the points still accrue under your email. Until you create an
account, you're classified as a 'guest'. Once you create an account and set a password, you'll no longer be
a 'guest' on our site and can access your points.

Do points expire? 

They sure do, you've got 365 days to use your
points from when they are collected.

I used my points to get a discount but now Ihave to pay for shipping? 

Get your cart to a minimum of $100 and then
that shipping is free! 

I've used my points in the past but I can't seethe launcher now?

This is probably because you're trying to
order during a sale period in which Loyalty Points cannot be used, so we switch
off the launcher until it's time to put them back up again

Terms and Conditions: Loyalty points cannot be used during sale periods, or in conjunction with another discount code/automatic discount. Points have 365 days to be used from the day they were accrued before expiry Referral coupons are earnt when you refer a friend and they successfully purchase. Once your friend finishes the race, you'll both receive a $15 off discount code. But don't try and be smart and refer yourself, we check our sign ups every day and you'll unfortunately get banned from the program if we catch you doing a dodgy. We try and be super fair and our loyalty points are a reward to say thanks for being a regular shopper, so don't take advantage of it 👀