3 Tips To Stick To Your NYE Resolution

3 Tips To Stick To Your NYE Resolution

Exercise more. Eat Fresh Vegetables. Quit Smoking. Sleep better. Call mum.

 In 2021 I promise myself I will ........... Oh Wait! We have since arrived!

 And just like that……..So, where is the NEW ME I requested at midnight NYE?

 Welcome to reality my FIT friends  and before you abandon that resolution that once seemed so reasonable here are 3 effective ways to help you stick to your plan:

  • Avoid doing things alone. If exercising really matters to you then arrange to meet a friend, a co-worker or join a group class. You will compete, challenge or encourage each other on and you will more likely stick to the commitment and succeed in your goal. Remember to have FUN.

  • Reward yourself for acknowledging the anxiety of doing something uncomfortable…. yet here you are! If you hate exercising but really want the benefits of it, try pairing that up with something you wouldn’t otherwise do. According to Stanford Psychologist Kelly McGonigal - reading trashy gossip magazines, or downloading a whole series of a TV show that you can plop in front of you on the treadmill can be very effective for beginning to prioritize and make time for the important things - assuming the reward doesn’t conflict with your goal.  

  •  Take a tiny step. You don’t always have to think big. You can exercise for 5 to 15 min and still have the same health benefits of an hour. The ideal amount of exercising is the one you will follow. The end!

It’s ok and exciting to have a big dream as long as you can break it down into small targets so you can realistically reach them and make it come true.

 So what do you want to offer the world?  Who do you want to be?  What do you want more of in your life? 

 The most important of any question, is to come up with resolutions that reflect what matters most to you and your core values so you can align your energy towards that, I know you can do it!


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Ana Coppola