Why Smoothies Are Better Than Juice

Smoothies vs Juice - Which is Better For You?

This is why we’re on “team blend”

It’s an age-old dilemma in the health and fitness world: to have a smoothie or a juice? And when making this decision people are often left wondering which one is actually better for you? 

At FIT, we’re dedicated smoothie fans. This is why: 


Better for blood sugar balance 

The major difference between juices and smoothies is that juices extract the liquid from the produce, whereas smoothies blend the produce up, keeping the fibre of the fruit and vegetables in the drink. The benefit to having a smoothie with the fibre intact is a slower release of energy and sugars into the blood stream, resulting in better blood sugar stablisation. 


Keeps you fuller longer 

The fact that fibre slows the passage of a smoothie through the digestive tract also means it will keep you feeling full for longer after you drink it. Many juices are high in fruit sugars, which release quickly into the blood stream and have no satiating fibre, so you’re likely to be hungry shortly after. A smoothie on the other hand can effectively replace a meal and keep you satisfied. For breakfast on the go, we love the FIT Muscle and Replace smoothies. 


Boost with supplements 

It’s much easier (and tastier!) to combine your supplements into your smoothies than a juice. Simply throw them in and blend! You can add as many as you like and tailor them to your health and fitness goals. Every nutritionist approved smoothie FIT smoothie is developed on the basis of this philosophy. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight or detox, we have a blend with supplements that’s right for you. You can also purchase a range of premium supplements in store, from protein powders to superfoods, so you can boost your smoothies when you make them at home. 

If you’re not sure what supplements or smoothies are right for you, try out our revolutionary in-store technology, the FIT Finder, which will analyse your data in a few simple steps to create personalised recommendations. 


Include good fats 

Healthy fats are essential for brain function and good skin, hair and nails, not to mention overall wellbeing. Unfortunately juices don’t contain any, whereas smoothies are great for incorporating them in so you can get a dose of omega fatty acids and MCTs in your drink.  

FIT smoothies include good fat sources such as peanut butter (in Muscle, Bliss, Anytime and Tone), chia seeds (in the Fuel and Replace) and coconut / MCT oil (in the Bliss and Strip). 


Quicker to grab or make on the run 

We’re all about convenience. Most people are time poor these days and making a juice, plus the clean up afterwards, just takes way too long. Smoothies are your fast-and-easy friends – just throw everything in and blend!  


Absolute deliciousness 

Maybe we’re biased, but once you try a one of our smoothies, you won’t want a juice again. They are too damn delicious!