Want Big Biceps? Here's How To Get Them

How to Get Big Biceps: Bicep Exercises


Fitness Expert Lenny Chadd provides the lowdown on building bulging biceps. 

Every guy wants bigger arms whether he admits it or not! Truth is, if you want your biceps to bulge you need to know how to hit them properly. Now you can train them daily or you can take an educated approach and learn the best techniques and exercises for maximum bicep and tricep development.


The three most important factors to think of in the beginning is;


  1. Grip for holding weight (neutral, underhand & overhand)
  2. Implement being used (dumbbell, barbell or cable machine)
  3. Body position in relation to the elbow (is the dumbbell behind the body or in front of the body)


So you will need to vary your body position so you can perform the exercise either seated, standing or kneeling as they all are different in their execution. A simple tip is to isolate the arm as much as possible, as isolation is crucial to the recruitment of muscle.


Try these exercises for BIGGER Biceps;

  1. Scott bench EZ curl or preacher curl with dumbbell or barbell.
  2. 45 degree incline bench hammer curl
  3. Kneeling zottman curl


Try these exercises for BIGGER Triceps;

  1. Parallel bar dip
  2. Close grip bench press
  3. Standing french press EZ bar


To design an arm program which is effective then try super-setting the bicep & tricep exercise with a small 45-60 second rest with at least 4 sets. 


Try using the exercises above for at least 10-12 reps with a superset method. Track your weights for at least 4 weeks and once you start to notice improvements in the strength and size of your arms, mix it up! - change exercises, grip and dumbbell position and watch your weapons grow!


Lenny is an accredited Strength Coach with the Poliquin Institute and co-owner of SIGFIT. An expert in total body transformations for both men and women, Lenny’s holistic approach to personal training consists of optimal nutrition, supplementation & exercise techniques. Check out www.sigfit.com.au to find out more.