The Priceless Beauty Technique You Need To Start Now

The Priceless Beauty Technique You Need To Start Now

This beauty secret doesn’t come in a bottle or tablet and works much better too

When it comes to looking and feeling beautiful, one of the techniques I always introduce to my naturopathy clients is SLN. It may sound like the next high tech brain re-wiring or food intolerance testing technique, however it is in fact way more powerful and more importantly – it’s free. It is Self-Love & Nurturing.


While it is easy to dismiss self-love or pampering, it is actually a critical component of any beauty routine. Read on for three key SLN methods that will help you nurture your inner and outer glow.


  1. Beauty Sleep


Sleep is critical for the growth and renewal of all body systems, including the skin. A reduction in sleep leads to a decrease in the body’s release of melatonin, a natural antioxidant secreted at night which acts to prevent the skin from free radical damage. This is one of the reasons poor sleep may lead to accelerated aging and reduced skin health.


The other reason that sleep may make you look older is that a lack of sleep increases the body’s release of the stress hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol in the body will influence the breakdown of skin collagen, the protein that keeps the skin smooth and elastic.


I have three favourite herbs for combating stress and promoting sleep:

  • Passionflower is a beautiful herb for relaxing and calming and is particularly effective when there may be many circulating thoughts preventing sleep.
  • Chamomile is another wonderful herbal antidote for stress and anxiety and acts as a relaxant, promoting sleep and calming the body.
  • Skullcap as the name suggests, focuses on reducing anxiety associated with mental stress. It is a comforting herb which has traditionally been used to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion and works to promote emotional well-being and relaxation during times of stress.
  1. Switch Off


Time and time again I see clients who feel so burdened by work issues, with no down time, feeling they need to be constantly in work mode - checking emails, responding to calls and thinking about work at least 14 hours per day. This work-dominated culture we have produced means we are constantly exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMFs) from our computers, smart phones and other electronic devices. Radiation exposure at the levels we are exposed to on a daily basis can result in skin burns, dry, wrinkled skin and what is known as photo aging.

To switch off from EMFs:

  • Switch off from all electronic devices at least two hours before sleep.
  • Invest in a proven EMF blocker.
  • Do not sleep with your phone next to you or put it in aeroplane mode to prevent you checking it in the middle of the night.
  • Aim to have at least 10 hours of the day EMF free (you may be surprised at how difficult this is!).
  1. Allow Yourself to Receive


We often think that we must be constantly giving to others and that we do not deserve to be pampered or receive. However, when we allow ourselves to self-pamper and receive we actually build a supply of energy, strength and confidence that allows us to be the radiant beings we deserve to be.


There is no need to wait for others to give back to you - practice doing your best to receive from yourself. You can indulge yourself without guilt. A few of my favourite ways include having a relaxing massage, switching my phone off and enjoying a day in the ocean or lighting beautifully scented candles and reading a light hearted book in bed.


 About Anna

Anna Mitsios is an Australian Naturopath & Nutritionist, whose love of herbal and natural ingredients provided her with a vision to create Edible Beauty Australia, a luxurious “edible beauty” brand. Anna is committed to creating products founded on naturopathic philosophies, using exotic, natural and certified organic ingredients and encouraging her clients and people who use her skin care to nourish their skin, from the inside, out. 

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