The 5 Best Tasting Protein Snacks in Australia

Whether your trying to reach your macro goals or looking for something to curb those afternoon cravings, finding the right protein snack to meet your goals can be overwhelming. Is there enough protein, too much sugar, what about my energy levels, and most importantly how does it taste? We've reviewed the best protein snacks for taste and nutrition to help you decide what's the right one for you.




Why We Love SMART Protein Bars

We love SMART Protein bars because they are a great way to control calories but keep your protein high.


Ingredients & Nutrition

Per Serving (strawberry cheese cake): 154 Calories, 20g of Protein, 4.8g of Fat, 1.1g of Carbs, 0.5g of Sugar.



All Natural Ingredients. One of the many perks of Smart Bars is that they use all-natural ingredients including natural flavourings and sweeteners like stevia!

Low Calorie & Carb. High Protein. Each bar contains less than 4g of carbs and 3g of sugar making it perfect if you’re following a low carb diet.

With 160 – 180 calories (depending on your flavour of choice) these bars are great for keeping calories low and in line with weight loss goals. Despite being low in calories, they pack in a punch with 21g of protein!

High Fibre. These bars use a prebiotic fibre which can help keep you fuller for longer.

Soft and Sweet Tasting. The texture is great! They aren’t like other chewy whey protein bars and instead offer a great soft texture and sweet snack.



You Need Carbs & Endurance Energy. Carbs are the body’s main source of fuel, so if you’re looking for pre workout fuel its better to choose a bar high in carbs and natural sugar.


Taste & Flavour

With over 11 different flavours you really are spoilt for choice! Our favourites and our customer’s favourite flavours include cookie dough, banana bread, coconut cashew and strawberry cheese cake.


What Our Customers Think


“There’s so many flavours to choose from and they aren’t chewy like other bars they have a good texture”.


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Smart Bars at Fit Nutrition


2. Casein Custard by Muscle Nation


Why We Love Casein Custard

This perfectly healthy Casein Custard by Muscle Nation is the perfect night time dessert replacement. It's easy to start hunting for sweet treats after dinner but this bad boy ensures you're only getting the goods. Filling, easy on the stomach and a range of amazing flavours like Cookies & Creme and Golden Ice Cream it'll make after dinner treats favourable for your recovery.


Ingredients & Nutrition

Per Serving: 140 Calories, 26.6g of Protein, 1.8g of Fat, 4g of Carbs, 2.3g of Sugar.



Low in Sugar & Carbs. If you’re following a low carb diet or watching your sugar intake this custard is ideal! They contain only 4g of net carbs and 2.3g of sugar so perfect for keeping on track. What’s more, a lower sugar intake won’t cause any unwanted blood sugar spikes and subsequent energy crashes!

Soy & Gluten Free. If your gluten intolerant or avoid soy containing products Custard Casein will definitely tick your box.

Added Digestive Enzymes for digestion and absorption. Because of it's slow digestibility, Custard Casein Protein by Muscle Nation has been formulated with added Digestive Enzymes to ensure your stomach can fully break down and absorb the nutrients without digestive upset.



You're lactose intolerant. Custard Casein is derived from dairy, so we wouldn't advise using this product! Try looking at Plant Based Custard by White Wolf if you're lactose intolerant

You want something ready to go. There is a little bit of mixing to do to get this ready to eat, however it's quick and easy and you can refrigerate.



Taste & Flavour

With 10 different flavours you’re guaranteed to find your favourite! The top selling flavours at FIT Nutrition include Cookies & Creme, Vanilla, Choc Hazelnut and Strawberry Cheesecake!


What Our Customers Think


Delicious, nutritious and can be used for breakfast, snack or dessert! Winner winner, highly recommend if you love (and miss) vanilla custard.”.

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Custard Casein Protein by Muscle Nation


3. Almond Scrumptionator by Macro Mike


Why We Love Almond Scrumptionator

It's not called the Scrumptionator for nothing! It's scrumptious! Made on a base of almond protein, this delicious delight is free from artificial ingredients, vegan friendly, gluten friendly and great on the macros. And because it's plant based, it's super easy on the stomach! You won't stop at one!


Ingredients & Nutrition

Per Serving: 167 Calories, 11.04g of Protein, 5.47g of Fat, 18.87g of Carbs, 13g of Sugar.



Made on revolutionary Almond Protein. By using almond protein instead of Macro Mike's usual Peanut Protein, it gives the Scrumptionator a stand out flavour and a dreamy chewiness.

All natural and  free from allergens. You’ll get a great sweet snack that can hit mid-morning or afternoon cravings, but the BEST part is it's dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, zero artificial ingredients and 100% plant based.



Are on a Keto Diet. These bars are a little high in carbs if you're looking for something super low to match your Keto diet.

You're not a fan of Stevia. Whilst natural sweeteners are better than normal sugars, some people don't like the taste of Stevia! But 99% do ;)

Taste & Flavour

Full of delicious vegan choc chips, Scrumptionator is chewy and bursting with flavour! 

What Our Customers Think


“The perfect alternative to something like a mars bar! The texture is super soft and they are delicious!”.

 Scrumptionator by Macro Mike


4. Lenny & Larrys Complete Protein Cookie Review


Why We Love the Complete Protein Cookie

Lenny and Larry’s offer a complete snack alternative with their complete cookie! We love this product because it has a great texture like a real cake but with better nutrition! What’s more, each cookie is large in size providing 2 servings - making it great for sharing or splitting as a pre and post workout snack.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Per Serving: 200 Calories, 8g of Protein, 7g of Fat, 29g of Carbs, 11g of Sugar.



High in Protein & Fibre. Each full cookie packs in 16g of vegan protein including pea protein and rice protein. This combined with 8g of fibre means these cookies are great for keeping you full during the day.

Vegan Friendly - Dairy Free, Egg Free. Finally! An all-natural vegan protein snack which is delicious! The complete cookie is free from dairy and eggs making it 100% vegan friendly.

Added Vitamins & Minerals. By using wheat flour, Lenny & Larry have enriched their cookies with iron and vitamin B, A and C.

No Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Alcohols. If you like to avoid artificial flavourings and sweeteners the Complete Cookie is the perfect protein snack with no artificial flavourings.



You are following a low-calorie diet. With two servings per pack and an incredible taste, its very easy to eat both servings in one go! That’s why we think this cookie may not be for people who are looking to diet and follow a strict low-calorie diet. Each serving contains 200 calories and so should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.


Taste & Flavour

There are over 5 different flavours including birthday cake, snicker doodle, original chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin! We love the birthday cake flavour for something sweet and chocolate chip or peanut butter for something more chocolatey and indulgent.


What Our Customers Think


“Most protein cookies I’ve tried are chewy and don’t taste great. Lenny and Larry’s is so soft and cakey! Its perfect for me because its vegan and so won’t cause bloating like other whey protein products”.




Lenny & Larry's Cookie at Fit Nutrition




Why We Love Prana Vegan Protein Balls

Sometimes whey protein and high fibre bars can be hard on the tummy - especially if you eat too many. We love Prana vegan balls because they are natural and use a vegan source of protein to give an energy kick! They are also super handy for snacking on the go, small and environmentally friendly!


Ingredients & Nutrition

Per Serving: 155 Calories, 6.6g of Protein, 5.8g of Fat, 19.1g of Carbs, 13.8g of Sugar.



Natural Ingredients. These delicious treats use a series of natural ingredients to create a great healthy treat. Including dates, cacao, hemp protein, nuts, seeds, brown rice syrup & coconut oil.

A Great Source of Energy. By combining fruit and nuts you’ll get a great source of energy before a workout or during the day. Each ball has 155 calories with 19g of carbs and 14g of sugar. PLUS, you can help reach your protein goals with the added hemp protein in these handy snacks.

A Great Source of Fibre & Omega 3. Using nuts and seeds means these bars can provide fibre and a good source of essential omega 3 fatty acids.



You are following a low carb diet. With 19g of carbs and a large 14g of sugar these bars aren’t ideal for low carb diets. We recommend consuming before a session for energy or post workout to aid recovery.


Taste & Flavour

We love the texture of these balls the nuts and seed provide a great crunch. What’s more, by using ingredients like dates, they have a sweet taste and added cacao also helps hit those chocolate cravings.


What Our Customers Think


“The best tasting vegan protein I’ve had in a long time! The salted caramel is super tasty, and the thickness means I feel pretty full after”.



Prana Vegan Protein Balls at fit nutrition