Swap Your Outdoors Running Routine In Winter For This

Swap Your Outdoors Running Routine In Winter For This

Say goodbye to cold, wet runs and hello to smashing fitness goals with this new exercise method

It’s a bit late but as the temperature drops and the light fades, those of us who love the fresh summer air are questioning our training options. We wake up one morning with glorious sunshine and the next morning with the torrential rain pounding off the windows. You can’t pick it. Training in the rain is okay, but do you really have to pound the pavements through ankle deep puddles? No. 


You can swap a bike ride for a spin class or turbo studio. But how do you substitute an outdoor run session? Running on a treadmill is so boring, isn’t it? Not anymore!  


There is a new special addition to your winter training options that you will love if you are a keen runner. It is more than just a substitute session; it will springboard your training over the winter period. 


Orangetheory Fitness is a group personal training studio with 12 top of the range Flexi-Deck treadmills. The Flexi Deck base absorbs impact to help prevent injury while the touch screens mean that you can move through speeds instantly. Everyone wears a heart rate monitor in class and works towards spending 12 – 20 minutes in the Orange Zone – 84% or above of your max heart rate.  


The remainder of your time is spent developing strength and power. This is the secret weapon you have been searching for in your training. The trainer-led High-Intensity workout will take you through endurance, strength and power sessions on the treadmill and floor. Being led by a trainer you never know what you are going to get. You’ll use the power of the group to keep you on track and push you that little bit faster. Beginners can train alongside professional athletes because we are all working to achieve 12 –20 minutes at 84% or above of our individual max heart rate, we call this the Orange Zone. The fitter the heart, the harder you need to work to get into the Orange Zone. 


Your OT Beat heart rate monitor can be synced with your phone via the Orangetheory App so you can use the heart rate monitor outside of the studio in your other training sessions. Guarantee yourself at least one rain-free session a week, where you work as a team, can never get dropped or lost, and can have fun and be motivated by a trainer and the music. Come in out of the cold and the rain and try out Orangetheory today. 


Want more?   Visit the Orangetheory  Fitness website.