Shredding 101

How to Get Shredded

What and how to shred like a pro


Most of you would have heard the word “shredding”, but what exactly does it entail?


Shredding is getting leaner than the body normally wants to sit at for a short amount of time like an event such as getting up on stage, or a special occasion like a life milestone birthday or wedding as an example.


Shredded could be measured for a male at sub 10% or sub 16% for a female. The body is an intelligent piece of equipment and is always looking for an energy balance which is simply the bodies ability to find “homeostasis”. Homeostasis means steady or the same, which in turn for the body’s processes means stable conditions for survival.


When I design a nutritional plan for a client, whether male or female, I first look to establish a baseline of calories for the body to remain the same scale weight. We then factor in daily energy requirements like what the client does for work and training schedule. Then if shredding is the goal then time to establish a deficit of calories.


So use these three tips when designing a meal plan for serious shredding:

  1. Establish an amount of daily calories to maintain optimal energy and scale weight 
  1. Decide on a calorie deficit that will be consumed for fat loss, you may start with 10%
  1. Adjust calories to suit your training day requirements and non-training day requirements. If shredding is your goal then you will need to consume calories which digest easily and promote the right hormonal response, so eat whole unprocessed foods. Consistency is key so test and measure. Try doing your body every 7-14 days and adjust your calories accordingly.


Now, go and get shredded!


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