How Often Should You Train For Best Results?

How Often Should You Work Out For Best Results?

Expert Lenny Chadd breaks it down for FIT


How long is a piece of string? There are so many variables in this question like……

  1. How long have you been training?
  2. What is your training goal?
  3. How frequently can you train with your weekly schedule?
  4. How long can your sessions go for?


There are more factors in this question but lets keep it simple and set you up with a training schedule that can set you up with a few training wins!!!! When I say TRAIN I mean weight train not exercise like playing sports, running or Yoga or Pilates. Although I still like all of those activities but for today’s purpose we are talking about weight training. 


Lets set you up into three different categories:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced


So a beginner would be if you have only just started to weight train in the last six to nine months. Your muscular system and nervous system are being primed to move weights efficiently. You should be training at least 3-4 times per week. To help you improve as a beginner you must understand your strength is beginning to build and your are not causing a lot of muscular damage.


This means you can train major body parts every couple of days. So when I write programs here are a couple of general tips.

  1. Use single arm and single leg exercises predominantly DB to help train your stabilisers for the first 4-8 weeks.
  2. Once you have moved into Barbell training stay with learning techniques of the larger lifts like the Squat, Press, Chin, Dead Lift. (Stay away from isolation exercises like arm training)
  3. Your training split could be like an upper body / lower body split completed 4 times per week with a rest day in between.


If you have moved onto the Intermediate phase then the muscular and nervous system are accustomed to weight training and the body will start to adapt faster to different training stimulus. The body has become more efficient. 

  1. The majority of your training when it comes to exercises will consist of the larger muscle group exercises like the Squat, Press, Chin, Dead Lift. You can now introduce some smaller muscle group exercises like arm isolated work. A good reference point is to bring in arm training once you can bench press your own body weight for 1 rep.
  2. My favourite training split is a 3 day split for intermediate trainees and can be completed 4-5 times per week. Try training shoulders / back day 1. Train quads / calves / core day 2. Train Chest / Hams day 3.


When it comes to advanced trainees training schedule then training within the correct window is very important. Your program will need to more specific to your training goal.

  1. The correct window is once the body has been trained and has recovered, there is a window of opportunity where you will be stronger or perform better where you will need to train within.
  2. Your lifts need to be more specific to your goal, an example would be if you were training for soccer than the BB front Squat is a better lift as it’s more athletic. Another would be a boxers preferred lift maybe incline BB bench to replicate a punch and make him stronger.


Conclusion. Keep to a training program for a period of four weeks before changing it up, this way you can track progress with the weights you have lifted and therefore know if your programs working for you. You are welcome to try out my Protocol program or book in a consult with me if you don’t know where your at for some nutritional or training help.


About Lenny Chadd 

Lenny is an accredited strength coach with the Poliquin Institute and owner of SIGFIT training studio in Bondi Junction. An expert in total body transformations for both men and women, Lenny’s holistic approach to personal training consists of optimal nutrition, supplementation and exercise techniques. 
As a knowledgeable, celebrity personal trainer and fat loss expert, Lenny provides each of his clients with a written meal plan tailored to their specific goals to ensure real results.  


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