Commit To Be Fit With These Simple Tips And Tricks

How to Find Motivation to Get Fit


Improve your workout accountability 

It’s one thing to commit to an exercise plan but actually sticking to it tends to be the tricky part! Stay motivated and keep your commitments in check with these simple tips…


Sign up for a competition

There’s nothing quite like an “I need to be fit by this date” mindset to get your body moving. Put your name down for a fun run, a triathlon or a crossfit comp so you’ve got something achievable to work towards. Keeping your goals in sight really is the best way to reach them, not to mention it’s much more attainable than your typical strive for a 6-pack. Plus, once you sign yourself up there’s no backing down!


Do it for a cause

Let’s be frank - Self-motivation is tough! So how about sweating it out for your favourite charity? You become accountable to the to the people donating money, to everyone cheering you on and most importantly – the charity. It might just be the kick your booty needs to get to work.


Sleep in your clothes

Goodbye pyjamas – hello compression tights! Gear up the night before so when your alarm goes off in the AM you can roll straight out of bed and off to the gym. The worst part? If you cheat your morning gym sesh you’re going to have to deal with the guilt of stripping off your sweat-free workout attire in the morning. Oh the shame!


Put money on the line

There’s no incentive quite like money! Team up with a friend and throw a sneaky wager on the first one to reach their fitness target. Alternatively, you can hand over cash and earn in back by reaching your fitness goals. Cha-ching!


Ditch the scale and take photos instead

Go get your scale and get rid of it. The scale certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and has a well-known tendency to derail motivation. Truth is, your weight has the potential to fluctuate more than the stock market depending on what you have eaten, drunk and the amount of sodium you’ve consumed. Photos on the other hand provide a much more motivating means to track your progress and accomplishments along the way to reaching your goal. 


Find a workout buddy

For most of us, having someone in our corner makes a huge difference to how motivated we can be. Exercising with a pal who encourages and supports you will not only boost your commitment to your fitness goals, but also the confidence you need to achieve them. Plus, you’ll feel a lot less tempted to ditch your sweat sesh if you’ve got a buddy waiting for you!