Breakfasts Of Champions

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Eat breakfast like a boss with these supercharged ideas

Just like your mother always said, breakfast really is the most important meal. It sets you up for the day ahead and gets your metabolism roaring after fasting overnight. While there are many healthy, power breakfast options out there, one thing all “breakfasts of champions” have in common is a gloat-worthy nutritional profile. Think low glycemic and balanced, with a mixture of complex carbohydrates, quality protein and good fats to keep your tank full and your energy

levels steady right through until lunchtime. 

Give these lip-smacking, nutrition-cracking ideas a go for your AM meal and get ready to power through your daily goals.

Healthy Breakfast Burrito 

Using a wholegrain tortilla, or gluten-free wrap, load with scrambled eggs, spinach, cooked sweet potato, avocado and any other healthy fillings you desire. This is a real powerhouse breakfast, used by mountain skier Lynsey Dyer to last all day on the slopes. The eggs provide a great amount of protein the addition of sweet potato provides long-burning carbohydrates for fuel and the avocado offers heart-health fats.

Loaded Oatmeal

Never under estimate the humble oatmeal. Boasting a healthy dose of soluble and insoluble fibre, plus an array of vitamins and minerals, having oatmeal for breakfast is a great choice for before exercise. “The complex, slow digesting, carbohydrates will give your muscles the energy it needs to have a better workout,” says Dr. Matthew Brennecke, who practices in combination with naturopathic principles. “Eating oatmeal on a daily basis can reduce your blood pressure several points,” he adds. Boost your bowl of oats by loading it with healthy toppings, such as nuts, nut butters, fresh fruit and superfoods, such as goji berries and cacao nibs.

Nourishment Bowl

Savoury breaky bowls are the latest trend to sweep the health scene and after trying one you won’t be surprised as to why it’s started a phenomenon. Basically this involves filling a bowl with a wholefood carbohydrate (quinoa is popular), greens (kale and baby spinach rock), other vegetables to your liking, then topping it with poached or boiled eggs and a healthy fat source, such as avocado or tahini. Bonus points if you add a spoonful of enzyme and probiotic-rich sauerkraut to assist proper digestion.

Super Smoothie

Think frozen fruit, nut milk or coconut water, chia seeds, protein powder and your personalised supplements. Smoothies are a fantastic way to squeeze a whole lot of goodness into one convenient meal. Perfect for those who need to take breakfast on the go, visit FIT to grab your morning fix. If you need to make it yourself, you can stock up on your favourite supplements in store and whiz it up at home.

Clean Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Suess had it right after all! To jump start your morning with a clean, green eggs and ham meal, simply fill a bowl with a bed of fresh baby spinach or lightly sautéed kale, then top with pesto scrambled eggs and a couple of organic ham slices. “An egg contains 6 grams of protein and carry a variety of health benefits,” says Zoe Bingley-Pullin, nutritionist, chef and author, who is a big promoter of adding them to your breakfast routine. Include a piece of sprouted toast on the side to ensure you’re

getting your complex carbohydrates in too.