7 Low Sugar Fruits With Health Benefits

7 Low Sugar Fruits With Health Benefits



Blueberries low in sugar and high in antioxidants. “These little berries are a powerhouse of antioxidants, including resveratrol and quercetin,” says Anna Mitsios, naturopath and founder of Edible Beauty. “These antioxidants are specifically known for their anti-ageing benefits and their ability to protect the skin and body against damage from free radicals.” 

If that wasn’t enough, Anna reveals that blueberries are a diabetic's dream when it comes to fruit. “They are low GI, low calorie and also provide protection to the small capillaries of the eyes, which are vulnerable to damage from high blood sugars,’ she says. 



Avocado is a very unique type of fruit because it is so high in healthy fats, whereas most fruits consist primarily of carbohydrates. The main fat in avocadoes is oleic acid, which is renowned for its heart healthy status, as well as being great for reducing inflammation in the body.  

Avocados are also higher in potassium than bananas, with 14% of the recommend daily intake in a 100g serve.  

If you’re looking for a creamy, low sugar substitute to banana in your smoothies, try avocado! It may sound strange, but you can’t taste it and get a delicious, smooth and thick texture, plus the added nutritional benefits. 



Acai berries have virtually no sugar in them and are actually a fatty fruit, containing omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, rather than carbohydrates 

“Acai is an incredible food because it is so rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, many unique to the Amazon soil,” says Dwayne Martens, founder of Amazonia health food company that was build on organic and sustainable acai products.   

Due to its nutritional profile, acai may help support detoxification, fight free radicals, improve immunity and promote beautiful skin, hair and nails. Just make sure if you order a popular acai bowl from a café, you check they aren’t adding sweeteners or fruit juice to the blend. 



Lemons are a very low sugar citrus fruit, which are full of healthful flavonoids and vitamin C. They are also powerful anti-microbial agents, making them great for fighting off flus and infections.  

Starting the day with lemon juice in warm water is a great way to cleanse and alkalise the system, whilst kick starting digestion. 



While it is not as low in sugar as berries, papaya is still a moderately low sugar and GI fruit, which is well worth eating for its health benefits.  

“Papaya is a super hero when it comes to health promoting fruits,” says Anna Mitsios. “It is abundant in papain, an enzyme which works to reduce inflammation and promote digestion. It also contains beauty-boosting AHAs which promote skin renewal and cell turnover to enhance your skin's natural radiance.”  


About Anna Mitsios  

Anna Mitsios is founder of Edible Beauty Australia and renowned naturopath with a passion for raw foods, who specialises in edible skincare.