5 World Class Health Retreats

5 of the Best Health & Wellness Retreats in the World


A trip to one of these wellness resorts is bound to be life changing

There is nothing quite like the experience of a health retreat. It allows you fully step out of your usual lifestyle into a blissful space and channel all your time and energy into improving your wellbeing. Add to this beautiful surrounds, comfortable accommodation, expert guidance, natural therapies and catered food and beverage, and you’re really in health heaven.

No matter whether your goal is to detox, rejuvenate, get fit or loose weight, attending a world class health retreat is an unrivalled luxury and surefire jumpstart on the right track. Here are 5 world class health retreats to add to your bucket list.

Aro Hā, New Zealand 

Hidden away on the breathtaking South Island of New Zealand, Aro Hā’s vision is described in their own words as “Zen inspired luxury, where the luxury comes from intelligent design, function of space, and exceptional programming, rather than opulence or excess.” Despite only being a 40-minute drive from Queenstown, you’ll feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere; the picturesque backdrop of the mountains and lake could be straight from a postcard. It is probably best described as an adventure retreat, featuring a jam packed physical activity schedule (think twice daily yoga, 4-hour mountain hikes and more), with a menu of portion controlled, light and mostly raw vegan food. Many people use this as a part of a weight loss program, however it isn’t reserved for this and can also be enjoyed by those wanting to improve their health and fitness in a serene location.

Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand 

A boutique wellness resort specialising in detoxification, this is the retreat for the hardcore people out there. The emphasis at the award-winning Absolute Sanctuary is on cleansing with raw juices, combined with daily colon hydrotherapy sessions and plenty of movement through yoga, as part of what they describe as “a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle.” You can lay back by the Moroccan-inspired pool, slowly savouring your organic juice, amid spa treatments and complementary therapies. There are a range of different lengths for juice cleanses and at the end the skilled team will also help you break your fast by easing you back into solid foods with the restaurant’s light menu.

Ananda, Himalayas, India

Ananda is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in India and offers a range of wellness programs such as weight management, detox, Ayurvedic rejuvenation and stress management. Housed in a maharaja's palace, the Ananda philosophy is build on traditional Ayuvedic teachings. You will have your “dosha” (body/personality type) diagnosed by one of the doctors and then all your food, beverages and treatments will be tailored to help balance your dosha. Overlooking the holy Ganges River, this resort will have you feeling you are in a sacred place immediately. It is the perfect union of traditional Indian healing wisdom and western luxury spa pampering.

Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Bali

You’ve probably seen photos of this gem floating around on Instagram with #goals and #wanderlust in the caption. Set in the magical Ubud countryside in Bali, Como Shambhala is a highly impressive foray into the world of health retreats that will make even the most seasoned detoxers sigh in awe. The inspiring natural surrounds are a sea of lush greenery, which includes rock pools and a natural spring that is said to hold healing properties. “My body immediately relaxed just being there. This is a truly special spot,” says nutritionist and wellness blogger Jessica Sepel. Guests are given their own butler and stay in luxury residencies complete with infinity pools. You can choose to have liquids only or enjoy light and cleansing vegan fare.

Golden Door Elysia, Hunter Valley, Australia

A healing and relaxation haven, the Golden Door Elysia is harboured among the vineyards of the Hunter Valley in New South Whales where just inhaling the fresh air makes you feels healthier. The Golden Door Elysia is Australia’s first purpose-built health retreat and great attention to detail has been taken in ensuring it caters to even the most discerning of tastes. No expense has been spared to provide guests with the ultimate in luxe cleansing and pampering, with 26 wet and dry treatment rooms and private luxury villas that provide guests with a personal sanctuary throughout the detox process. Select from a menu of natural and complementary therapies and individual sessions with world-renowned health practitioners to enhance your stay, and return home a new you.