4 Workouts to Try Today


Mix up your training with these exciting and effective exercise routines

There’s nothing like shaking up your workout routine to stay motivated and optimise results by keeping your body guessing. Ben Lucas, co-founder of Flow Athletic, advocates exploring different training styles regularly to keep your training fresh and exciting, whilst giving you the fun opportunity to learn new exercises and add them to your repertoire.

 rut, jump in and try one of these. Ben shares with FIT the top 4 workouts he and the Flow posse are loving right now.

1. Hybrid workouts

Forget just choosing one kind of workout to do in your training hour, hybrid workouts are where it’s at, offering an effective way to maximise limited gym time. and provide time poor people with a way to honour a holistic training approach. “At Flow Athletic we offer combinations including Spin x Yoga, Spin x Strength, Yoga x Boxing and Boxing x Strength, to name a few,” explains Ben. “It is also the perfect way for time poor people to have a holistic approach to their training. All combinations are strategically chosen to maximise the benefit of the other. With Bike-Asana (cycle/yoga), for example, it allows the client to focus on strengthening the same muscles and joints that are used in cycling through the yoga component of the workout. You are essentially benefiting from two different types of training in the same session. Furthermore, because each session is only 30 minutes and they are so different, you can train just as hard in both.” We’re sold!

2. MMA training for the average athlete

Feel like kicking some serious butt during your workout session? Then MMA training, which stands for Mixed Martial Arts, could be your new dig. “MMA training has been around for ages but it is predominately fronted by athletes and fighters,” says Ben, “Now, companies such as ‘From Wimp to Warrior’ are turning this around and making the sport a little more user friendly for the weekend warrior.” Aside from unleashing the frustration at your boss or letting out the steam from a bad day during this kind of training, MMA is also a fantastic full body workout with a strong mental component, explains Ben, “MMA provides an excellent workout and it requires lots of skills including full body awareness and mental endurance. It is a great way to train!”

3. Heated spin classes

Adding heat to just about any exercise is guaranteed to make it harder and also more rewarding when you come out the other side, dripping in sweat, but a real winner. Forget Bikram yoga, hot spinning is the latest thing, a trend that Ben has observed taking off in the States and is sure to become an exercise phenomenon here too. “As if an indoor cycling wasn’t hard enough! You will look like a monster at the end of it, but it is an awesome workout, and add in a DJ into the mix and you have a really fun class!”

4. Ariel yoga

Aerial yoga has been around for years but only recently came into the public eye in 2015. “Not only does it guarantee you an amazing Instagram pic, but it is also a great way to get a deep stretch and it has a low impact on your joints,” says Ben. Not to mention, how fun does it look? Getting Zen whilst being suspended in mid-air certainly has an intriguing appeal. Come on, get the blood flowing to your head whilst doing the upside down flying lotus…you know you want to!

Ben Lucas

Ben Lucas has been in the fitness industry for 18 years. Prior to opening Flow Athletic he owned 3 successful personal training businesses and was an NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks. He is a regular voice on health and fitness in the media. Ben has several high profile clients who are fans of his dynamic and results-driven training methods.