What is Estrogen Dominance & How to Reduce It

What is Estrogen Dominance & How to Reduce It

Estrogen Dominance and How To Combat It

Estrogen often gets a bad rap. Truth is Estrogen is a critical hormone for both women and men (yep, men need it too!)

It only presents a problem when (like all hormones) it gets out of balance or there is an accumulation of the wrong type.

At Fit Nutrition we're all about balance, so we are going to look at the many roles of estrogen, how we can tell if its too high or too low in relation to other hormones and how to balance estrogen and our health simultaneously. 

So what's some of the many benefits estrogen can have in men and women?

- Bone development & Fracture Repair
- Healthy Skin & Collagen Production
- Brain Function & Mood Enhancement
- Libido
- Healthy Hair
- Cholesterol Regulation & Heart Health
- Blood Glucose Balance & Insulin Sensitivity

    But that's just the tip of the good stuff that estrogen can do for you. It's negatives however, can be far more crucial to your general health and fitness goals. In a perfect environment the human hormones can be well balanced. However, a lot of the time we just don't provide our bodies with an ideal environment it can lead to Estrogen Dominance.

    Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance may include - 

    - Weight Gain (especially around the hips, butts and chest)
    - Mood Swings
    - Anxiety & Depression
    - Brain Fog 
    - Low Libido
    - PMS
    - Headaches
    - Ovarian Cysts
    - Menstrual Cramps
    - Ovarian or Breast Cancer

      But what if I have a lot of these symptoms?! Well luckily you can help build a perfect environment for your body to regulate estrogen by reducing certain foods and including certain foods into your diet!

      If you are diagnosed with estrogen dominance or suffer from some of the symptoms here is a list of foods to Reduce and Include


      - Non-Fermented Soy
      - Sugar and Processed Foods (synthetic dyes, flavours and artificial sweeteners)
      - Sprayed Fruits and Veg
      - Nonorganic meat
      - Dairy
      - Canned Food
      - Bottled or Tap Water
      - Alcohol


        - Broccoli (especially sprouts)
        - Spinach & Kale
        - Filtered Water
        - Mushrooms
        - Cruciferous Vegetables
        - Pomegranate
        - Green Tea (Matcha)
        - Organic Meat
        - Probiotics or fermented food

            But is it just foods that can cause an imbalance in your estrogen? Of course not! There are many more sinister cause for estrogen dominance.

            Some other major causes of hormonal imbalance that should be addressed FIRST are...

            - Synthetic Hormones - Birth Control Pill or HRT
            - Cosmetics and Sunscreen - phthalates and parabens
            - Stress - Emotional and Physical stress lowers progesterone
            - Pesticides - Glyphosate increases toxic accumulation, mimics estrogen and disrupts gut microbiome
            - Inactivity - reduced detoxification
            - Constipation - reduced elimination
            - Lack of Sleep - Melatonin (sleep hormone) helps reduce excess estrogen
            - Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency
            - Cooking Oils - Spray oils containing petrochemicals and oxidised omega 6 rich vegetable oils

              So now we know what estrogen dominance is and what foods we can reduce and include to improve hormonal balance, but this is just the start! There are so many ways to effectively balance out your hormones. 

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