Supplements - Why You Need Them

What Are Supplements & Are They Worth It?


Why diet alone just wont cut it 

In the perfect world we’d get all the nutrition we needed from a healthy wholefood diet - macronutrients, micronutrients, the lot.  Unfortunately, it's not that simple! The stress of modern life coupled with relentless over farming of Australian soil, constant exercise and the environmental toxin load on our often undernourished bodies, means that a majority of us require a basic supply of the nutritional resources we need to keep us alive. 


What’s often overlooked is the magnitude of effect that specific nutrients have on every single biochemical reaction that takes place in our intricate little bodies. Without enough magnesium our heart beat can lose its regularity, just as an inadequate intake of protein can hamper with our blood sugar levels and cause fogginess of the brain. The fact of the matter is that without sufficient levels of these nifty little nutrients, we cannot possibly thrive (and surviving becomes a little tricky too). Yet people continue to question the value of supplements and where they belong in the diet. Buckle your seatbelt kids, your about to learn exactly why we can ALL benefit from supplementation...


The current commercial agriculture techniques employed within Australia see constant over-farming of soil – a practice which leaves soil deficient in important minerals. This deficiency then translates to the food grown in the soil - magnesium deficient soil means magnesium deficient spinach, you with me? Sadly, the hampered quality of produce doesn’t end there. Many foods are shipped long distances and stored for lengthy periods of time, again having detrimental effects on the nutrient composition and quality of the food.


Food quality aside, stress, erratic eating habits, improper chewing and blatantly stuffing your face in your 15-minute lunch break, can contribute to poor digestion and make it difficult for your body to absorb and assimilate the nutrients it requires from food. Coupled with pharmaceutical drug use, which has a tendency to deplete essential nutrients, these factors leave us much more vulnerable to deficiencies. And then there’s the effect of environmental pollution in our air, water and food, which requires high levels of antioxidant vitamins to detoxify and eliminate the free radicals from our bodies.


Are you an athlete or even just a frequent exerciser? Exercise alone increases nutrient needs. All the extra oxygen and energy used throughout your workout necessitates a nutrient consumption that far exceeds the typical recommended daily intake for someone living a sedentary lifestyle. This is where we have the ability to lean on supplements. Supplements provide the body with the necessary nutrients needed not only to function optimally, but to build muscle, improve strength, increase energy - the list goes on. In fact, when taken right and combined with a good diet, trusty ol’ supplements can both enhance your training and give you that nice little advantage needed to out-lift or out-bend your pals.


So there you have it. Supplements aren’t just for gym junkies and body builders alike, they have a place in each and every one of our diets. They’re there to provide a support system for a healthy diet and help to ensure that our glorious little bodies are getting all the essential nutrients needed to thrive!


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