Glaxon Electro Creatine

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60 Serve
60 Serve
Just Grape
Just Grape
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Glaxon Electro Creatine offers a range of benefits to enhance your performance, recovery and muscle growth. This one-of-a-kind formula contains the AstrolyteTM Electrolyte Blend, which supports optimal hydration levels and promotes muscle strength and endurance. Additionally, creatine improves the body's ATP production, helping to increase energy and performance.

At the heart of Glaxon Electro Creatine is a unique combination of ingredients that fuel muscle growth and volumisation. The formula harnesses the power of creatine monohydrate, which supports ATP production, endurance and muscle growth. What sets this product apart is the addition of the AstrolyteTM Electrolyte Blend, which provides essential electrolytes like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride. These electrolyte salts work synergistically with creatine to improve its absorption and effectiveness. With Glaxon Electro Creatine, you can optimise your workout performance with a formula that combines powerful ingredients for maximum impact.

Benefits & Features

  • Contains AstrolyteTM Electrolyte Blend
  • Can improve ATP production
  • Improves muscle hydration
  • Supports muscle strength & endurance
  • Promotes recovery

How To Take

For maintenance, take 1 serving daily with your preferred beverage. This formula is best taken post-workout.

Glaxon Electro Creatine - Just Grape
Glaxon Electro Creatine - Naked
Glaxon Electro Creatine - Raspberry Drops