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The Best Sleep Supplements in 2023

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Whether you’re restless, tossing and turning at night, can’t shut your mind off, or simply aren’t getting a long enough sleep, Fit Nutrition has the solution for that… or, should we say… solutions.

You could try turning your phone off earlier, getting an earlier night’s sleep or avoiding caffeine late in the day, but if that doesn’t solve your problem or simply isn’t an option, a sleep supplement may be able to transform the way you sleep.

Evolve Beauty Sleep

Evolve Beauty Sleep

When you think sleep, you think comfort, and what’s more comforting than a warm, steaming mug of hot chocolate? Evolve have struck that balance.

Evolve Beauty Sleep can help you do more than just fall asleep. It can deliver a natural, restful sleep while supporting recovery and, of course, beauty. This collagen sleep formula harnesses type I & II Bovine Collagen to support collagen production while you sleep and can support the health of your hair, skin, nails and joints.

This elegant evening remedy for rest is built with powerful ingredients such as 5-HTP, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc and Zylaria. So, what’s Zylaria? Zylaria is a newer and lesser-known ingredient on the market and is derived from a fungus called Xylaria Nigripes. Originally used in traditional Chinese medicine, this compound can support relaxation and sleep quality.

If you’re chasing a good night’s sleep and need a formula that can support you, Evolve Beauty Sleep should be the first step in your night-time ritual.

White Wolf Zen

The fact that this supplement is called Zen should tell you everything you need to know. White Wolf Zen is designed to bring your mind, body and soul into balance and harmony. This sleep formula can alleviate the symptoms of stress, which, as you’ve probably experienced, can interrupt a good night's sleep.

Get your sleep back into rhythm with a formula that includes ingredients like Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Maca, and L-Theanine to support stress reduction, mental well-being and performance.

Faction Labs Downers

Faction Labs Downers

Not interested in mixing up powders in a shaker or stirring a mug of hot chocolate-flavoured goodness before bed? Don’t worry; there is an easy alternative. Faction Labs Downers.

If the name alone doesn’t indicate what these capsules do, let us pull down the curtains. Downers is a formula designed to calm your mind and balance your spirit, two pillars of falling asleep. Coming in convenient capsule formula, Downers promote sleep and relaxation and may help to reduce nervous tension and unrest.

Packed in a convenient capsule, you will find a combination of adaptogens that can reduce nervous energy, along with a matrix of Ashwagandha, Ziziphys Jujuba, Passionflower and Elemental Magnesium. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to beat a racing mind to sleep, Downers can help to soothe your spirit.

Core Nutritionals ZZZ

When you’re burning out quickly, dropping your bag at the door after a long day at work and collapsing onto the couch, you may find you’re not getting a good enough sleep. If you’re crashing after work, you’re probably crashing after the gym too. Core Nutritionals ZZZ can put a stop to that.

This rest & recovery remedy harnesses the most effective sleep agents alongside recovery-promoting ingredients to help you get back to your best. ZZZ can help you get those zzzs, promoting regeneration and recovery with a mineral blend that supports sleep.

White Wolf Sweet Dreams

Again… name something better than a hot chocolate before bed. We’ll wait.

White Wolf Sweet Dreams is designed to deliver precisely that. Sweet dreams. This limited edition formula is designed to comfort your sleepy needs and is the perfect companion on a cold winter evening when you need warmth and rest.

Sweet dreams are made of this formula containing Hops to alleviate sleep disturbances and restlessness, Passionflower to assist with anxiety and sleep issues, and Blue Skullcap helps to improve mood and support unrest. Plus, this formula is vegan-friendly!

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch

When it comes to sleep, magnesium is one of the best supplements you can take. Magnesium is a mineral that has a range of functions within the body and can influence processes that relate to sleep.

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch is one of the most effective magnesium formulas on the market (and a personal Fit favourite). It works by promoting stress relief, lowering cortisol levels, preventing adrenal over-stimulation, and promoting recovery.

Ingredients like Ashwagandha, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, naturally occurring L-Theanine, L-Leucine, and L-Glycine go into this best-selling vegan-friendly formula.

Axe & Sledge Dozer

Axe & Sledge supplements are designed for the hardest worker at the gym, but those hard workers still need rest. This is where Axe & Sledge Dozer comes into play.

Rest, repair and recovery with a formula designed to help you perform at your best when you wake up each morning. There’s no point going to the gym if you’re going to sluggishly force yourself through half-hearted sets. Rest up, then get back to work.

This formula uses ingredients like GABA, L-Tyrosine, Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Passionflower, 5-HTP and more to support rest, recovery and relaxation while lowering stress and anxiety. With flavours that will remind you of a comforting mug of hot herbal tea, this formula can deliver a longer and more restful sleep.

Evolve Magnesium RX

We know how valuable magnesium can be when it comes to promoting sleep and recovery, and Evolve Magnesium RX is one of the most reliable formulas on the market.

Responsible for over 300 different functions within your body, magnesium can support faster muscle recovery, stress and anxiety management, reduced cramping and improved rest. Far from your typical magnesium supplement, Magnesium RX combines Vitamins A, C, D3, B6, B12, Folate, Zinc and Copper to help you take full advantage of the benefits of magnesium.

The Wrap-Up

If you haven’t fallen asleep just reading this blog, you will once you’ve tried some of these supplements. Just make sure you don’t accidentally take them in the morning. That might not go down too well with your boss. Thank us later.

If you need help finding the best sleep supplements to support your rest and recovery or want further information, head in-store or chat online to our friendly and knowledgable Fit Fam. Alternatively, if you know what you want or would like to see more of our high-quality sleep supplement range head here.