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Redcon1 Total War

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30 Serve
30 Serve
Blue Lemonade
Blue Lemonade
Sour Gummy Bear
Vice City
Tiger Blood
Strawberry Mango
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Acai
Sour Peach Rings
Rainbow Sherbet
Blue Raspberry
Rainbow Candy
Plum Fusion
Pineapple Juice
Orange Crush
Icy Lemonade
Green Apple
Cali Splash
Watermelon Margarita


Time to bring the war!! Go head first into the battlefield, or the gym, with Total War by RedCon1! With crazy energy, hard-hitting pumps and warrior strength. With 6gs of Citrulline Malate, 1g of Beet Root Extract and AMPiberry for a Schwarzenegger-styled pump, Total War is formulated to drastically improve power output, and brain function and with a clean energy source, it's the best to get you going without crashing down afterwards.


  • Clean energy with no crash
  • Massive pumps
  • Improved vasodilation and power output
  • Increased strength

How To Take

Mix 1 scoop in 200mls of water and consume 30 mins before workout

Total War - Blue Lemonade
Total War - V Trigger
Total War - Tigers Blood
Total War - Blue Raspberry
Total War - Strawberry Kiwi
Total War - Strawberry Mango
Total War - Cali Splash
Total War - Watermelon Margarita
Total War - Strawberry Acai
Total War - Grape
Total War - Green Apple
Total War - Icy Lemonade
Total War - Mimosa
Total War - Rainbow Candy
Total War - Plum Fusion
Total War - Orange Crush