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Muscle Nation Protein Water Sachet

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Box of 10
Box of 10
Apple Blackcurrant
Apple Blackcurrant
Kiwi Strawberry
Mango Passionfruit
Tropical Crush


Quench your thirst and protein needs all at once with these tasty and energizing Muscle Nation Protein Water Sachets.

No more struggling to stay hydrated and meet your protein goals, these convenient sachets do the work for you. Two fruity flavors, mango passionfruit and raspberry, make this refreshing drink even more enjoyable, while packing a punch with ingredients like Whey Protein Isolate, collagen, electrolytes, and BCAA's. Don't worry about gluten, carbs or fat, this drink has got you covered.

  • Formulated to support hydration and muscle growth
  • Added benefits and support to recovery
  • Formulated with BCAAS, Vitamin C and Electrolytes

How To Use

Shake: Add 1 scoop in a shaker with 350 - 450 mL of cold water and shake well.

Slushie: Add 1 scoop in a blender with 200 mL of water and top with lots of ice. Blend until it forms a slushie.

Smoothie: Add 1 scoop into a blender with water and your favourite fresh or frozen fruit. Blend until smooth.

Muscle Nation Protein Water - Apple Blackcurrant
Muscle Nation Protein Water - Mango Passionfruit
Muscle Nation Protein Water - Raspberry
Muscle Nation Protein Water - Tropical Crush