Prana On Natural Mass

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Vanilla Shake
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Looking to bulk up without compromising on quality or nutrition? Prana On Natural Mass is your answer. This plant-based mass gainer is expertly formulated for those who want to pack on muscle and size in the healthiest way possible. Each serving provides a robust 32 grams of vegan protein sourced from pea, rice, and sacha inchi, ensuring you get a complete amino acid profile to support muscle growth and recovery. But that's not all - Natural Mass also delivers 45 grams of complex carbohydrates from organic quinoa, amaranth, and sweet potato, providing sustained energy to fuel even the most intense workouts.

But let’s talk about what really sets Prana On Natural Mass apart: its commitment to clean, natural ingredients. It’s free from artificial additives, sweeteners, and allergens like dairy, gluten, and soy. Plus, it mixes smoothly into a deliciously creamy shake that’s available in indulgent flavours like Mylk Chocolate and Vanilla Shake. No more gritty textures or unpleasant aftertastes - just pure, plant-powered goodness. Whether you’re a vegan athlete, someone with dietary restrictions, or simply looking for a wholesome way to boost your calorie intake, Prana On Natural Mass helps you achieve your bulking goals with confidence and ease. Ready to see the gains? Fuel up with Natural Mass and let your muscles do the talking.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural mass gainer
  • Organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly
  • 32 grams of plant protein
  • 45 grams of complex carbohydrates
  • 10g of healthy fats from Flaxseed & MCT
  • Added creatine
  • Contains digestive enzymes

How To Take

Mix 1 scoop of Prana On Natural Mass with 12-16 oz. water or almond milk post workout and in between meals where needed to reach caloric goals.

Prana On Natural Mass
Prana On Natural Mass